Supporting our Community

Best Corporate Events has been a proud sponsor of the Clearwater Jazz Festival for the past four years. This fantastic organization hosts an annual four-day music festival that incorporates fundraisers for music programs and also facilitates outreach events year-round.

Our participation over the years has spanned from delivering our signature Build-a-Guitar program during Clearwater Jazz events to raise money for the organization, to providing instruments like guitars, bass guitars, drum sets, and more, for donation initiatives in the Clearwater area schools.

CJH collects donated instruments and also works with partners to help inspire young people to continue on their musical journey with programs that provide onsite group guitar lessons throughout the year and identify opportunities to inspire young musicians with the gift of music. Whether it is for a school jazz or band program, a committed student who may not otherwise be able to afford an instrument outside of the school system, or a dedicated proven talent, these gifts of beginner and professional-grade instruments are a symbol of CJH’s strong belief in these young talents and the power of music to change lives.

Beyond providing inspiration and opportunity to experience music for students in our community, studies show that music education can have an assortment of positive benefits including higher test scores and graduation rates, increased math, listening, and language skills, improved self-esteem and creativity, and more. Bringing more music into the community also benefits people of all ages, as music has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve moods and cognition, and even boost energy levels.

To get involved, attend upcoming Clearwater Jazz events to support year-long education and outreach!

Clearwater Jazz Holiday October 14-17, 2021
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