Words cannot begin to say how tremendously the Impact team thinks of Best Corporate Events. You NAILED the program and our client was thrilled with the outcome! A very special shout out to your two facilitators, who went WAY above and beyond the call of duty! They were amazing.”

“You truly have a very impressive team, all the way from Sales to Operations. This is why Best Corporate Events is one of my favorite partners. Looking forward to many more future events together!

Alexis Van Meeteren Impact Destinations & Events

I wanted to take a minute to tell you want a fantastic job your team did for our client for their community service event. Our client was so happy with the event and the outcome. Your team was phenomenal – being able to pull this event off with all the last minute changes was amazing. We want you to know how great we think Best Corporate Events is, you are our go-to teambuilding company, and we truly appreciate the partnership!

Claudia Wehrman AlliedPRA San Diego

We recently worked with Best Corporate Events on a team outing with a group of type A personalities who think “Team Building” is a bad word. Your team was able to not only customize the content, but make the experience timely and keep the audience engaged.

Our experience was unique, in that we were not only the planner, but an active participant. From concept to execution, your team lived up to our expectations.

Shannon Gardner Accent Indy, DMC Network Company

I want to express my thanks for your flexibility in dealing with our customized event. Our clients said that they have done ‘similar’ events in the past but the one you delivered for us was the best they have ever seen, as was your lead facilitator. These comments are HUGE as these folks have seen a lot! We should do a more in-depth debrief but I wanted to quickly get you the feedback and congratulate all on a great event! And what a great way for us to work together for the first time!

Robert W. Hulsmeyer Empire Force Events

We are very fortunate to have Best Corporate Events as our team- building partner in Austin, Texas! They have consistently been super responsive to our emails, new inquiries and growing groups. We also love the new and creative ideas they bring to the relationship.

Cindy Lo Red Velvet Events, Inc., Global DMC Partners

The SmartHunt Event Kick-Off at the ADME conference in Montreal was truly unique. It was a very well organized event and had more to offer than any other scavenger hunt I have seen to date. The advanced technology on the iPads, mixed with their ability to engage the crowd, is something I want to bring to my clients. Once you experience a SmartHunt for yourself you will understand.

Elizabeth Mann Hogan Juice Studios, Hosts Global Alliance

WOW! We knew the group would have a great time during the teambuilding portion – but wow, you far exceeded any expectations that we had. You were definitely one of the hits of the Connection! Thanks again for everything!

Stacy Tischler Global DMC Partners

The program started with some light, fun warm-up activities that easily broke down barriers and got everyone in a team-minded, competitive spirit. The actual building of the wheelchairs was a fun and fulfilling activity but the icing on the cake was the reaction from the local Washington, DC charitable organizations that were receiving the fully assembled chairs – truly touching and rewarding. Thanks for a great program!

Grant Snider Past President, ADMEI

We love having Best Corporate Events as a partner for our team building events.

Michelle Moos GM of AlliedPRA Dallas/Fort Worth

My clients were really, very pleased. They said your team was so organized and professional and your lead was a rock star. He quickly analyzed that the group was a high energy, competitive group and chose the perfect icebreaker to get things going. Everyone was having so much fun and laughing hysterically! It really could not have gone better. And I really appreciate all of the attention to detail with you and the local NYC team to help me work out all of the logistics. We really appreciate all your hard work and professionalism. Thank you and we can’t wait for our next event with BCE!

Adrienne Borgerson Details NYC, DMC, A Hosts Global Alliance Member

We did a corporate Bike Build Donation with iPads in January for one of our Fortune 500 clients. They loved it, and our client told us it was the best teambuilding event they’ve done in years. With the iPad® aspect of the event, his entire team participated whole-heartedly, with a level of engagement higher than past events. In fact, as a result of this event, the client has referred us to other divisions within the company for team building events.

Ann Ramirez Arrangements Unlimited Inc., DMC Network Company

Thanks so much for the fantastic teambuilding event you delivered at the 2014 ADMEI Conference in Washington, DC. Your program, Build-a-Wheelchair received a 4.7 out of 5.0!” Comments included “This was great!” and “The lead facilitator did a great job of warming us up with some fun icebreakers” and “The team-building event was a great experience for a good cause.

Fran Rickenbach Association of Destination Management Executives Intl.

Thank you so much for all of your help yesterday making our program a huge success. The client was thrilled with how everything panned out and you and your team were terrific at making it all happen. I hope we have the opportunity to work with you in the near future – it was really a pleasure.

Laura Keeler Corinthian Events, Global DMC Partners

Thank you!! We love working with you all at Best Corporate Events and looking forward to continuing to do so…cheers!

Rachel Paisley Director at Red Velvet Events

Thank you so much for the opportunity to give back, it meant a lot to us all at the ADMEI Conference and we had so much fun doing it as well!

Denise Malo BBC Destination Management, Global DMC Partners

The build-a-wheelchair program was engaging and fun. I would definitely recommend it for groups that are competitive in nature and have the desire to meet and interact with their peers. It was not only fun and challenging but it also had a higher purpose…to give others a better life. It really makes a great impression.

Marilyn MacCollum DESTINation Management, LLC

Everyone was truly impressed with the SmartHunt experience and they had a fantastic time! They’ve all said that this was the best team building that they’ve ever done! Thank you for making DVIP look like rock stars! This was truly a team effort and we sincerely appreciate all that SmartHunts and Best Corporate Events contributed to make this event so successful. Thank you for always being such a great partner to DVIP. We look forward to working with you again and again in the coming months!

Louise Boland DVIP Inc., DMC Network Company

I wanted to send along this belated, but heartfelt message of thanks for the great teambuilding event – Fiesta Fun – that your company handled for our client at Innisbrook Resort. They had a blast!!! You and the rest of the team really put together this program with less than two weeks’ notice. We so appreciate this response and we look forward to many more great events together.

Carol Eaves Eventions of Florida, Hosts Global Alliance

You guys are the best, and always my go to!!!

Lori Devir-Carroll DPI Events, DMC Network Company

We just finished up a Boston City SmartHunt from Best Corporate Events. Whoever found them and proposed them, THANK YOU! It was such a seamless, great process. They were so incredibly responsive and it made my life a lot easier. I would highly recommend them. Just wanted to share!

Lauren DPI Events, a DMC Network Company

We will always reach out to you first if any of our groups want to add fun events on to their programs. Thank you always for being so wonderful to work with.

Nicole Felitti RMC DMC