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On Being Worthy of Attention

“If time spent with you or your message adds value every time, then you’ll have a competitive advantage over those that don’t.” –Tim Sanders

This enjoyable ONE+ article by Tim Sanders talks about how in this digital age of constant distractions (and therefore limitless possible demands on our time) it’s important to make sure to treat attention as a valuable commodity.  Of course, this not only means giving those who contact you your undivided focus, but also considering carefully before contacting a colleague or client.

We here at Best Corporate Events have long since considered attention worthy of, well, attention.  Those who call our office get a thoughtful talk with a real person, whose expertise makes the program proposals then offered customized and useful.  We avoid haphazard newsletters, emails or phone calls; they’ll always have a purpose, like sharing a new and innovative program we’ve perfected or collaborating with a client on the details of an upcoming event.

In short, we agree with the article that the best way for us to be valued is to value everyone’s time and attention.  It has served us well.