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National Puzzle Day

We all love puzzles right? Well, at least some people enjoy puzzles!

With the myriad of puzzles out there, it would be challenging not to like at least one of them, seeing how they provide use at home, corporate events, parties, leadership activities, and more! There are so many types we would have to start by naming some genres. In the lane of puzzles there are, mechanical, logic, math, cryptic, word, trivia, mathematical, riddles and lastly pattern puzzles.

Now if we want to be a little more specific, there is Sudoku, crossword, word search, escape rooms, anagrams, paint by numbers and cryptograms, just to name a few! There is one puzzle I haven’t mentioned yet, and I feel as if it is often the first thing we think of when we hear the word “puzzle.” The jigsaw puzzle! Now, I love a good jigsaw puzzle, but not when you’re putting together an actual 2000 piece puzzle and your dog chews 2-3 pieces leaving you with the bitter, empty, dissatisfaction of being unable to finish your beautiful picture. Or the other possibility which in my opinion would be worse, if your dog chewed one piece, so after completing your puzzle, there was only one piece missing! That’s madness. Or maybe I’m mad, probably both.

In the spirit of puzzles, we would be remiss if we didn’t share this adventure that is unique and fun.

The Mystery of Da Vinci Smarthunt This program is the reinvention of an old-fashioned code-based scavenger hunt. Now, the program is complete with a cool Cryptex and a cache of Apple iPads – – creating a paperless, interactive event that would make Da Vinci proud! This program encourages teamwork communication, and works as an indoor team building activity or an outdoor team building activity! Whatever works best for you!

Group of people standing around a puzzle on a street

Codex on a carpeted floor

Mystery of Da Vinci graphic artwork