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  • By Whitney
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  • Posted October 23, 2012

IMEX 2012 Wrap-Up

The Best Corporate Events team had an extraordinarily great time at IMEX 2012 in Las Vegas earlier this month, forging new relationships and reconnecting with our clients and colleagues during the three-day conference. One event planner, who had viewed a bunch of our videos on the 7-foot iPad, stayed to enthusiastically chat with several members of our staff for almost half an hour, after which she exclaimed, “You guys must put on great events; I’m having so much fun just talking to you that I can’t wait to see you in action!”

Needless to say, our giant iPad was a giant hit. We got comments every day about how innovative the idea is, how visually compelling it is, and how easily it lets DMCs instantly see video of a specific program. Wait until they see what we have planned for next year!

Some Best  Corporate Events teammates pose in front of our 7-foot iPad which was simultaneously running 24 different program videos on 24 iPad2s during IMEX America. L to R: Patricia, Scott, Cathy, Christine, Ray, Dyanne, and Phil.