• By Gina Shanks
  • In Holiday
  • Posted November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a holiday known for its traditions, family time, and food. Turkey Day marks the peak of fall weather and the beginning of the holiday season. Thanksgiving traces its origins centuries back to harvest festivals spanning days or weeks. Even though Thanksgiving is now celebrated on only one day – on the fourth Thursday in November – there is no shortage of festivities. With so much happening, it is important to remember just how much there is to be thankful for. Here are some ways for everyone to enjoy the day.

For The Athlete
In towns and cities around the country, runners like to get ahead of their anticipated holiday weight by participating in a local Turkey Trot. These races give people of all ages a chance to kick off their Thanksgiving season with a healthy start. The shorter distance offers participants a chance to show off their fun side, as many runners opt to wear themed costumes. Because Thanksgiving is considered to be a day of charity, organizers sometimes request donations of non-perishable goods for local nonprofits to feed those in need.

For The Nostalgic
An annual tradition for nearly 100 years, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade takes place in Manhattan and is televising nationally to millions every Thanksgiving morning. The three-hour event is filled with themed floats, huge helium character balloons, and various performances. The parade is best known for depicting both classic and contemporary characters in multiple mediums. Classic performances, such as the Rockettes, please crowds every year. To signify the beginning of the holiday season, the final and often most anticipated guest is Santa Claus.

For The Sports Lover
For decades, football has been a Thanksgiving Day staple. Traditionally, the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys have each hosted a Thanksgiving Day game. Often, additional football games, hosted by a rotation of professional teams, are also played. Several collegiate rivalry games have been played on Thanksgiving Day throughout the years. These nationally broadcast events have epic halftime shows, as well.

For The Foodie
The most iconic event of Thanksgiving is the meal itself. The main course of the feast is so well-known, Thanksgiving is also known as Turkey Day. Other food staples often accompany turkeys, such as gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. The meal is typically served family-style, as the Thanksgiving meal is a reason for family and friends to get together to enjoy one another’s company. Variations of the traditional Thanksgiving meal include the vegetarian option of tofu. Libations are usually served as well- for those of age, of course! Because so many families come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, many hosts opt to show thanks by integrating traditional foods from other cultures. During mealtime, breaking the turkey wishbone is a fun tradition. The game is played by two partygoers, each grabbing one end of the wishbone, making a wish, and pulling in opposite directions. It is said that the person with the bigger piece when the wishbone breaks has their wish granted.

For The Deal Chaser
After the feast is over, the only thing left to do is shop Black Friday deals. The Friday after Thanksgiving is when many retailers have massive sales to help shoppers cross off everyone on their holiday gift list. The day is often chaotic for customers and stores alike. Many people take the night of Thanksgiving to plan their strategies, and may even get in line at their favorite places to get the midnight doorbusters. Some may also drive far distances to outlet malls, or places they think will have the biggest discounts on the most sought after items. Because so many people have this day off from work and school, the day has become closely associated with Thanksgiving Day and is sometimes considered a holiday all on its own.

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