first day of fall

First Day of Fall

September 22 marks the first day of fall. Fall is considered a lot of people’s favorite season of the year for its cooler weather and delicious new flavors! For those in the warmer climates, this is the time of year where you can transition from your sandals and swimsuits to boots and sweaters.

Best loves this time of year because we get to deliver team building programs in some of the most picturesque settings like in the cities of Boston, Chicago and San Francisco to name a few.  We deliver events nationwide in the venue of your choice. If your group is stuck meeting all day indoors, we might suggest a City SmartHunt® where they can get outdoors and explore the conference’s host city and famous landmarks.

Our most requested programs are our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs. CSR programs consist of the most popular, Bike Build Donation® and 15 others that make up our charitable giveback lineup. CSR is an excellent opportunity for members of your group to create items for donation to assist local and national charities.

Here are just some of the sure signs that Fall is here.

1. Your yard is full of leaves. Leaves are falling and covering the ground with their vibrant colors. You can’t walk across the yard without hearing the crackly noises of crisp leaves. You will spend hours raking the leaves, and your children will want to jump and play in the large colorful piles.

2. Pumpkin flavored everything! That’s right; you can’t turn your head without a sign advertising something pumpkin flavored. Pumpkin begins to pop up on all your favorite restaurant menus and coffee shops. You might have a craving for a pumpkin latte, pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie. The choices are endless because pumpkin tastes good just about any way it’s served. Local breweries begin brewing flavored pumpkin beer in time for annual Oktoberfest celebrations. And just in case you are watching your waistline; you may only want to enjoy these flavors with just a pumpkin scented candle.

3. Morning and evening temperatures have cooled down. The days are shorter, and the sun is setting earlier. But the temperatures are enjoyable, and you will find yourself reaching for a light scarf and sweater.

4. The school year is underway which means your favorite fall activities are upon us. The homecoming dance, Halloween trick or treating and football games. High school students are preparing for the fun week of events and on the hunt for the perfect dress and date. Younger children are deciding what they want to be for Halloween while the parents are plotting how they will hide the candy from the little ones.

Many companies get together in the fall for their annual meetings to discuss plans for the upcoming year. Our professional development programs are great for teams who want to learn the strengths of each team member and how departments can work better together.  Planning your next meeting this fall? Schedule a fun team building activity for your group with Best!