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Creative Corporate Event Ideas To Try

The six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan famously stated, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” When businesses are comprised of talented people that have a strong connection to the company culture and contribute to a team, the more success the organization will see. Even to the point where the employees and organization become leaders within their industries.

So, how can you build quality teams that live the corporate culture and genuinely enjoy working and spending time together? Have them participate in activities and events hosted by your company! Corporate events are a great way for employees to feel appreciated and to bring fun into the organizational culture.

Below are several creative corporate event ideas to consider this year.

1. Networking Events
Want your employees to mingle with leaders and others within your specific industry? Whether on a large or small scale, these networking events should be in a comfortable environment where people are willing to open up and build new relationships.

Furthermore, a successful networking event is also providing something worthwhile for the attendees. Whether it’s appetizers, live music or a little bit of entertainment — don’t be afraid to add in some fun to the event so people will be more willing to come to your future networking events.

2. Team Building Activities
Team building programs and activities are an excellent way for coworkers to develop meaningful relationships, as well as help employees, grow individually within their respective careers. Best of all, team building can come in a variety forms and appeal to certain interests. From building bikes and wheelchairs for charity to city scavenger hunts and food truck competitions, there are many programs out there that can be a good fit for a unique team or company.

3. Seminars/Trainings
Looking to boost employee engagement levels? Hosting a seminar/educational event is a great way to help employees develop and grow their skill set and their respective careers. Find influential thought leaders in your industry and invite them to speak. Or find thought leaders in your organization and host a seminar for your local community.

As you plan your seminar, be sure to work out the logistics, including setting goals/objectives, finding the appropriate venue, creating a guest list and schedule, and creating time blocks for your speaker(s).

4. Attend a Class
In addition to professional development through trainings and seminars, you can also take a more entertaining route and participate in a cooking or art class. This is an excellent way to get your employees out of the office, while still developing or refining a certain life skill. Plus, at the end of class, your employees will be rewarded with a tasty meal or finished masterpiece.

This can also help get your employees outside of their comfort zone and build confidence.

5. Volunteer Day
Did you know that the Millennial workforce enjoys volunteer opportunities at their job? According to a Deloitte Volunteer Impact Survey, they found that Millennials preferred organizations where they can volunteer their skills to the community. Look for volunteer opportunities in your community where employees can take time out of the workday to provide their skills and service to those in need. This can also help your organization in creating and building new relationships within your community.

6. Charity Event
Take your volunteer day up a notch and host a charity event, such as a concert, golf tournament or half marathon. Much like volunteering, it can help create better local relationships by supporting a good cause. Be clear in your goals and be sure to have key marketing strategies in place to help you get the support you need in making the event a success.

Furthermore, hosting a charity event can be tricky, so be prepared for the unexpected and have backup plans in place to help the event run as smoothly as possible.

7. Holiday Party
Lastly, hosting a holiday party is a great way to reward your employees for their hard work throughout the year. Talk with managers and employees to get an idea of what they would like in a holiday party or create a party planning committee. Employee input is crucial since you want to host a party that they will enjoy. Like most corporate events, make your event as unique as your company culture.

As 2018 comes and goes, be sure to try out these ideas when looking to host a unique and worthwhile corporate event!

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