Operation Military Care team photo for 4th Of July

Corporate Teamwork in Unexpected Places: Fireworks

“The best teamwork comes from men [or women] who are working independently toward one goal in unison.” –James Cash Penney

Chances are that at some point during last week’s July fourth holiday, you saw some fireworks.  Whether live or on television, those exploding balls of color, timed perfectly to a rousing American anthem, are a standard part of this celebratory day. This article in The Chicago Tribune talks about a team you might not have considered while you were oohing and aahing over the display: the pyrotechnics company that puts it all together.


And they’re not just explosion junkies, either. One member of the Melrose Pyrotechnics team, Jon Gesse, has a background in music and carefully puts together the songs that become the soundtrack to the show. Other designers match the timing of each launch precisely to the moment it should fit in – over 2000 times for this year’s show.  It takes a thirteen-member team to put together the Navy Pier fireworks display, with a lot of expertise, a lot of teamwork, and, we’d bet, a lot of all the skills our corporate event programs strengthen!