Corporate Team Building Case Studies

One of the main reasons that traditional corporate team building programs are still so successful and in demand is that the process by which a group moves through when presented with an interactive event.

It not only allows the participants to get to know each other better and have fun while learning, but it also simulates the critical steps which occur in the work environment when completing a team project or other work-related task.

Whether it is a fun, competitive challenge like "A Minute to Win It," a graduated series of activities like "Igniting Team Performance" or an iPad app-driven charity event like a Bike or Wheelchair Build, you always start with a clear identification of the task. What is the goal at hand?

Once the team has a shared vision for the outcome, they can brainstorm potential solutions, delegate roles, and responsibilities, and implement the plan they feel has the best potential for success. All while they were having interactive fun!

A wrap-up presentation and debrief are led by the facilitator, which typically includes acknowledgment and recognition of the team's accomplishments.

Another reason that team-building programs are so popular is that there are hundreds of activities to choose from – some more cerebral and some more physical. They can also vary in length and difficulty. With such variety, a custom program can be developed, which is designed specifically for the needs of any particular group.

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