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Learning from Lucas – Helping Teams Through Company Mergers

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford

handshakeThe acquisition of LucasFilm by Disney has been a hot topic of discussion lately; though some are most interested in the creative future of a certain film series set “in a galaxy far, far away,” many are also arguing about the price tag, which reportedly topped $4 billion, and the business side of the companies coming together.  When companies combine, whether due to an equal-footing merger or due to one buying the other, a whole new dynamic emerges, and navigating those changes can be a difficult task.  Fortunately, many companies find success turning to tried-and-true techniques like some of Best Corporate Events’ battle-tested programs on team collaboration and communication during this tricky time.  From learning to trust a new colleague to building cohesion in a new group, the challenges are surmountable thanks to our carefully-crafted programs.  We pride ourselves on our track record helping clients who have dealt with mergers, acquisitions, and other upheavals, no matter their size!