three spoons with spices

International Hot and Spicy Food Day

Ah, I can feel my sinuses becoming clear just thinking about it. Spicy foods, you are my Claritin! My personal favorite spicy food is a slightly run-of-the-mill choice but, but I have to go with spicy wings! There is no denying wings are a go-to snack for corporate outings, company team building events or even … Continued

White Chocolate and Raspberries

National Chocolate Day!

Sweet, sweet chocolate, oh how we love you!  But don’t take my word for it, according to Huffington Post  Americans eat 100 pounds of chocolate every second. That’s a lot of love! This is why we couldn’t ignore our sweetest program Best has to offer, Chocolate Architect! During the Chocolate Architect program, groups come together to … Continued

Club Sandwich

National Sandwich Day & Team Building 2017

So, it’s National Sandwich Day! But before you run out and get your favorite compilation of ingredients in between two pieces of bread, let’s talk about five of our favorite facts!   1.The average American will have consumed 1,500 PB&Js by the time they graduate high school.  You heard it here first folks! Can you imagine stacking all … Continued

Christmas Toy Donation

You’re Invited to a Holiday Celebration

To a holiday celebration your colleagues won’t want to miss. This holiday season plan an unforgettable holiday party that gives your team the opportunity to both celebrate their achievements while also giving back. Best Corporate Events is proud to offer our Holiday Toy Donation Program, an excellent charitable team building activity that creates a proud … Continued

Question mark written in chalk

Teamwork or Team Relationships?

When it comes to winning teams, what do you think is more important, good teamwork or good team relationships? I know what you’re thinking: “They go hand in hand of course?!” Not necessarily, I’ll explain a bit further! In all facets of sports and business, there is bound to be one teammate who doesn’t like another. … Continued

Build a Wheelchair Dallas Stadium

A Wheelchair Donation Just In Time!

“The Council is a Special Needs Shelter that was open for 11 days during Hurricane Irma taking care of 399 Special Needs residents. We were so thankful we had not yet distributed all of the wheelchairs we received through Best Corporate Events and their Build-a-Wheelchair® Program. The wheelchairs were used continuously throughout the 11 days the shelter was in operation. … Continued

Sharing a flower

Learn the Many Ways Your Company Can Give Back

We are excited to introduce two new programs to our lineup of CSR Team Building programs.  Now offering a total of 16 Charitable give-back programs! What a great testament to the caring side of America. This year, we added Fostering Hope to benefit adoptive and foster care children and Helping the Homeless, which features the … Continued

Team Building for Large Groups

It’s hard to believe the iPad® has only been around since 2010. Excited by the opportunity, we immediately began building event apps to leverage its technology and mobility. The apps we created helped us build cutting-edge programming that was new, fun, and impactful. Soon we realized that it also allowed our talented facilitators to deliver large … Continued

Team Building Past

For many decades, team building events have played an important role in developing and enhancing cohesive and functional groups within profit and nonprofit organizations.  From high ropes courses in rural and wooded areas, to city scavenger hunts in the largest metros around the globe, to ballrooms and meeting spaces in any hotel or conference center … Continued

Why Creativity Works

Creativity is the cornerstone of hard work and a critical stage of team development, but not everyone finds creativity essential in the day to day. Some find it to be trivial and would rather stick with what they know. Where we find creativity, we usually find: Passion Determination Deep care for what’s being created Creativity … Continued