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Woman getting her photo taken with Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike

Expect the Unexpected

“No matter what, expect the unexpected. And whenever possible BE the unexpected.” –Lynda Barry One of the most exciting aspects of our SmartHunt programs is the interaction with celebrity look-a-likes. In fact, injecting a dose of unexpected excitement is one of our trademarks, whether it’s real medals at the end of a competitive event, twists … Continued

Lego men with lego blocks

It Takes a Great Team to Help Other Great Teams

“In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” –Maya Angelou We want to highlight our incredible team this week and point out a few things about this ever-growing collection of smiling faces.   First, part of the reason we don’t charge travel fees is that we have folks throughout the entire country trained and … Continued

Photo of multiple wine glasses all lined up

The Team That Dines Together Shines Together

“Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body.” -Marcus Tullius Cicero Just like any great team, Best Corporate Events sometimes runs on its stomach! This shot is from a dinner break during our semi-annual four-day brainstorming meeting. Partners and select lead facilitators from around the country joined some of our headquarters’ … Continued

Team putting the finishing touches on a wheelchair

Best Corporate Events’ Build-a-Wheelchair® Program Helps Nevada Veterans

“A miracle comes true. I was just telling our board of directors at our last meeting that we were running out of manual wheelchairs to donate to folks in need.” –Paul Martin, Army veteran and founder of Nevadans for Equal Access Last month, we here at Best Corporate Events facilitated one of our most popular … Continued

BCE Semi-annual Meeting

Best Corporate Events Holds Semi-Annual Meeting

Every six months, key Best Corporate Events teammates from around the country meet for a 4-day brainstorming session at our Florida headquarters. Here they are! Left to right standing: Diane Hendricks (Information Technology), Celia Delgo (Sales Coordinator), Paul Petrus (Sales Manager), Deirdre Assanti (Production Southeast), Thomas Boles (Accounting/SalesForce), Roy Charette (Northeast Regional Partner), Joe Groves … Continued

Picture of a foggy treelined road

Teamwork in Unexpected Places: Pageant of the Masters

“The music soars. The curtains open. The audience gasps.” –Josh Jenisch, in his article Masterpiece Theater, Westways Magazine When someone tosses out the word “team,” the listener often first thinks of the most common uses, like a sports team or an expedition.  But any company or group uses teamwork, and the programs we offer strengthen … Continued

Singing team

The Music of Teamwork

“We spend millions of dollars on sports because it promotes teamwork, discipline, and the experience of learning to make great progress in small increments. Learning to play music does all this and more.” –Linda Ronstadt Whether your music career ended with mandatory recorder lessons in fourth grade or you’re currently a world-class virtuoso, you know … Continued

Mural of the World image

Mural of the World®: Video of the Week

If you’ve never seen the Mural of the World® – or even any one of its individual four-by-eight-foot paintings – in person, this video gives a taste of just how impressive it is. With the signatures of thousands of participants filling the borders of each canvas, this collection is an incredible display of teamwork, philanthropy, … Continued

Team with check puzzle piece

Making Your Team Smarter

“One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain’t nothin’ can beat teamwork.” –Edward Abbey Edward Abbey may have had a particular target in mind when he said the above quote, but it can, unfortunately, apply almost universally. Any group working together towards one goal is stronger, faster, … Continued

Operation Military Care team photo for 4th Of July

Corporate Teamwork in Unexpected Places: Fireworks

“The best teamwork comes from men [or women] who are working independently toward one goal in unison.” –James Cash Penney Chances are that at some point during last week’s July fourth holiday, you saw some fireworks.  Whether live or on television, those exploding balls of color, timed perfectly to a rousing American anthem, are a … Continued