Participants during an outdoor catapult

Video of the Week: Catapult

Our Catapult program contains a lot of impressive moments, including the launch-for-distance portion, where teams are using their custom-created catapults to send their projectile as far as possible, and the distance-and-accuracy portion, where team members are dashing around the playing area in an attempt to catch their team’s objects.  A slightly less flashy, but equally important, section of the program is right near the start: when teams spend ten minutes looking over their supplies and available materials, discussing and planning their strategy.

All of the parts of Best Corporate Events’ programs have a purpose – we never throw in filler just to take up time – and in this case the hands-off design phase forces teams to communicate, set goals, take inventory, and solve the upcoming task creatively.  Not coincidentally, these are all vital when they return back to their company.

Check out this video of teams planning, building, and launching projectiles in one of our most exciting team building programs, Catapult!