bikes for kids

Bikes for Kids of Any Age

Bike Build Donation® is our signature program. We facilitate more Bike Build Donations®, bikes for kids, than any other program in our lineup each year. We offer over 16 Corporate Social Responsibility programs that benefit local charities. Bike Build Donation® continues to lead the way in popularity. Our CSR programs can be delivered anywhere in North America and feature group bonding activities designed to boost team spirit and unity while helping less fortunate members of your community. These uplifting events include activities, games, and challenges resulting in the creation of items for donation to local and national charities

BEST facilitators have been delivering charity bike build events for over 20 years. After going high-tech in 2012, we continue to pioneer the future of this CSR donation program with the use of our proprietary apps and Apple iPads®. Now building bikes for kids is even more high-tech.

Every bicycle your group builds comes with a cool helmet and a lock for safety. Organization, delegation, communication, and some mechanical skills will be put to use to complete this fun and engaging activity.

At the conclusion of the program, whenever possible, your group will present these beautiful, finished bicycles to deserving children – accompanied by a local charity representative who will address your group and thank you for your donation.

Setting a Record

On February 7, 2018, we delivered the largest bike build in history. 3,400 employees from Lowe’s built and donated 1,048 bikes for kids at an event in Las Vegas!

Introducing the Green Machine

The bikes built during our original Bike Build program are for children for ages 5-9 years. Knowing Bike Builds are in high demand with corporate groups, we developed another version of this program. We can now Build Green Machines, bikes with three wheels for kids of a different age range, from 7 years and older!

The legendary Green Machine spins, slides and glides its way into a new generation. The long slides, drifts, and skids are head-turning. The ride is all-around game-changing! The Huffy Green Machine has been part of some of the best childhood memories for decades of kids. From using dual-stick steering like a pro to making outrageous spins at that perfect moment, your friends will be lining up for the chance to take a spin on your green ride. The new designs and innovations of this legendary ride deliver better spins and smoother slides along with total comfort. Huffy Source

Coming soon, we will add another program to our CSR bike lineup and be able to Build Bikes for Teens! Why should the older kids be left out, while many charities could benefit from bikes of all sizes.

So if your group has already completed a Bike Build at their last CSR team building event, they can partake in building these two other types of bikes and feel the great sense of accomplishment that comes with helping kids of all ages.