Best Corporate Events Incorporates High-Tech

“A successful team beats with one heart.” -Erin Howe

You might have noticed that more and more of the programs on our site have that little yellow label beside them that reads “iPads®”.  From our flagship high-tech scavenger hunt SmartHunts® (which uses the proprietary app we created) to culinary competitions like Fiesta Fun!™ and from our many charitable CSR programs to collaborative challenges like Catapult, we now incorporate the latest technology into what we offer.

dataThere are numerous reasons this is a step in the right direction.  It’s green (old-timey scavenger hunts can use a lot of paper and other resources, none of which are necessary when everything’s self-contained in one iPad per team).  It’s streamlined. And most of all, it’s modern and fun! You can’t keep your team moving forward with outdated team building techniques, so we’re always developing, refining, and innovating what we offer. Welcome to the future!