BCE Semi-annual Meeting

Best Corporate Events Holds Semi-Annual Meeting

Every six months, key Best Corporate Events teammates from around the country meet for a 4-day brainstorming session at our Florida headquarters. Here they are!
Left to right standing: Diane Hendricks (Information Technology), Celia Delgo (Sales Coordinator), Paul Petrus (Sales Manager), Deirdre Assanti (Production Southeast), Thomas Boles (Accounting/SalesForce), Roy Charette (Northeast Regional Partner), Joe Groves (Director of SmartHunts Facilitation), Cathy Ruales (Business Manager), Bryan Burns (COO SmartHunts), Trish Flynn (Assistant to CEO), Scott Flynn (CEO)
Left to right seated: Christine Roberson (DMC Division Manager), Ray Assanti (Southwest Regional Partner), Dyanne DiRosario (California Regional Partner), Phil Valentine (Director of Celebrity SmartHunts).