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Month: May 2019

Next Monday, May 27th, the nation will celebrate Memorial Day. Memorial Day is typically observed on the last Monday in May. Memorial Day was created in honor to remember those who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. It marks the start of summer and the kickoff to many outdoor activities for families and friends to enjoy together.

On Memorial Day weekend, cities across the country pause to remember those whose lives were lost. It’s estimated to be up over 6 million people. This number is an accumulation resulting from the numerous battles dating back to the Civil War.  

CSR Programs

Best Corporate Events offers an array of charitable give-back team building programs. Those which benefit individuals in need including veterans. One of our most popular CSR programs is Build-a-Wheelchair®.  This program is one of our corporate social responsibility programs born out of a desire to help American veterans and others with various mobility challenges. In this fun and worthwhile program, groups use teamwork skills and iPads® activities to earn the materials necessary to assemble, test and decorate these new wheelchairs for donation.

The wheelchairs will then be staged with your teams for a memorable photo shoot. When possible, a representative from the chosen charity will now make a surprise appearance, sharing information about their organization and the impact your donation will have on the recipients. The focal point of this CSR event is to benefit the countless people who, with your generous donation, will be gifted with these beautiful, brand new wheelchairs.

Although a somber memory, Memorial Day weekend is notorious for positive high points which have become great traditions over the years with events throughout the weekend. Here are just a few of the well-known activities that go on during Memorial Day weekend. Which of these weekend traditions do you look forward to the most?


  1. Store Sales – Memorial Day weekend has become a staple weekend for many retailers to host one of their largest sales of the year.  If you have experienced a Labor Day or Black Friday sale, you most likely have been on the hunt for some of the greatest Memorial Day sales at your local retailers. Typically, the discounts tend to be a great saving on big-ticket items like mattresses and home appliances, but there are plenty of other opportunities to save on things you need and want around the home like clothing, electronics and beauty supplies.
  2. Backyard BBQs –  Hamburgers, hot dogs and all things patriotic are traditionally served on Memorial Day during BBQs with families and friends. Being a federal holiday, a majority of companies are closed and give their team the day off from work. This allows people an extra day to spend poolside, soaking up the sun’s rays and cooking up some delicious favorites on the BBQ.  You may notice the party decoration theme is that of red, white and blue, the colors of our nation’s flag. Many BBQ goers enjoy cooking up a festive dessert or appetizer platter that boasts the red, white and blue colors.
  3. Neighborhood Ceremonies and Parades – National Cemetery Administration host Memorial Day ceremonies at VA national cemeteries and local communities host parades across the country. Generally, a Veteran will be a guest speaker at the ceremony and speak to those being honored as well as veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Also, recognized are the surviving veterans’ families, prisoners of war and those missing in action.

For an interesting look at the numbers of soldiers who have died by war, check out this website. May we never forget these fallen soldiers.

The warmest season of the year is here! Officially summer starts on Friday, June 21st this year. But with our headquarters right here in sunny Florida, we know it can almost feel like summer year round! Summer is a perfect time for outdoor team building activities. Is your company getting ready to plan a summer outing, conference or meeting? Do you want to get your team together for something fun? Team building activities facilitated by #1 event organizer, Best Corporate Events is the answer.

In many locations, summer is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Most professionals work in an office building all day.  Therefore, people would appreciate the opportunity to get out, stretch their legs and get the blood flowing. But finding an event that suits all shapes, sizes and fitness levels can be challenging. The last thing a corporate event should do is make anyone feel excluded. BEST offers many options for team building activities for groups of any size.

Some of our favorites

Activities such as Team Olympics and Corporate Survivor are excellent choices.  These two events incorporate a wide range of activities involving skill, strategy, collaboration and of course, fun!

One of my favorite outdoor team building activities is played with a giant slingshot. We broke into teams and were given an empty bucket, a slingshot, and water balloons. We had to launch the water balloons across a large lawn area to one of our team members.  The other team member was holding the bucket and attempting to catch the balloons. Needless to say, there were a lot of broken balloons and a lot of laughs. This same activity could be played with tennis balls if you prefer to keep everyone and everything dry.

Another fun event is the land ski team challenge. Imagine an entire team, sharing one giant set of skis. One person on the team has to act as the leader and coordinate everyone’s movement to make it across the field to the finish line. Teams will have to use coordination and communication to successfully cross the field swiftly without anyone tumbling over.

There are other activities that are more physical, like sack races and land raft. These activities always need cheerleaders and strategizers on the sidelines, giving everyone a chance to participate in some capacity.

Check out our top 5 BEST team building events for a fun day your group will never forget this summer.

Team Olympics

A set of fun and engaging games combining competition, basic athletic ability, and high-energy music. Teams will compete in Ski Team Challenge, Sack Races, Flipper Flash Relay, Team Anthem and more in an attempt to win the Gold medal. “Challenge by Choice” offers individuals the ability to determine their own level of physical participation without missing out on any of the fun.


A highly competitive event in which teams use their creative brainpower and problem-solving skills to construct a working catapult. Catapults will launch objects for distance and accuracy. Team members will catch objects in various containers at different distances. During this hilarious phase of the competition, the pressure to perform is high as each team attempts to maximize its points.


Ignite your teams’ competitive and collaborative fire as they work together to build and race their very own makeshift rafts, attempting to earn as many points as possible! Everyone is actively involved throughout, as team members must collaborate to transport their rafts from the start line and launch them into the water. This dynamic event can take place in any suitable body of water.

Corporate Survivor

Corporate Survivor is a riveting series of team building activities that will test the full measure of your team’s physical & mental abilities! While some challenges require alliances to be formed with other tribes, losing team members to a different tribe will force everyone to quickly adjust and seize the opportunity of gaining new tribal members with new ideas and skills!


SmartHunts® are fun, challenging, hi-tech corporate scavenger hunts delivered on iPads® we provide. Utilizing audio, video, QR Codes, and GPS tracking. SmartHunts are a combination of sightseeing, gaming, laughter, and team-building customizable to the area you will be exploring. Included is a live-feed slideshow of photos and videos of your teams during their adventure!

So don’t be shy, plan to get outside and have some fun with one of our exciting outdoor team building activities. You never know, your team may win the gold!


Teamwork is defined as the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient. It’s an individual’s commitment to a group effort that makes a team work.  A company’s success is often determined by how well the team performs together.

If each individual does not work well together, your team will not succeed.  At BEST we know the importance of teamwork.  We offer activities that build just that.

There are several ways to inspire and motivate your team.  This is the job of many leaders, including sports coaches, department managers, and mentors. Communication and encouragement are key to motivating an individual or an entire team.  Many leaders have given such motivation speeches in the past, that parts of their speech have been repeated and remembered for years to follow.

For example, you may have heard of the infamous line like “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.  This was a quote by Wayne Gretzky, former Canadian hockey player, and head coach. A successful leader is one who can spark his or her team members to work well together toward a common vision and goals.

We’ve compiled a page on our website dedicated to teamwork quotes.  These might be useful to encourage employees to strive to work better as a team. These quotes about team building and teamwork will inspire your employees. Scan through and maybe one of these will help you with your team! Team building quotes are a great way to start or end a team meeting.  Visit our page here!

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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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