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Month: January 2019

Although team building brings many benefits to companies and their employees, there are also a lot of misconceptions. More often than not when people hear the words “team building” they are taken back. At first, people might think it’s a waste of time; it can be dangerous, stupid or boring. They think they will be forced to do something out of their comfort zone. The truth is though when team building is done correctly, it can be one of the most important things that companies can do for their teams.

A company’s primary focus is generally keeping their clients happy. But it is also essential to make sure their employees aren’t forgotten and appreciated. Without their valuable hard work, there wouldn’t be any clients. Team building is one-way companies can show their appreciation, as well as give their employees morale a boost. In the end, it will help make the company more successful overall.

When choosing a team building activity, there are a couple of factors that should be taken into consideration. One is the physical capabilities of each of its employees. Some team building activities are more high-energy and physical than others. Team building is also a good time to keep in mind if there is a particular goal that you want to achieve with the activity. Such as strengthening relationships between employees and bringing new people together.

Another advantage is team building can help create camaraderie within the group. This can be important for companies which are spread out nationwide, worldwide or for employees who work remotely at home. When an opportunity arises for all members of the team to come together, the company can accomplish a lot. A team building activity can assist teams to collaborate with those that they may have never had the opportunity to interact with in the past.

Getting everyone out of the office environment is another excellent aspect of team building. Depending on the activity chosen, team building can be very versatile. Most of Best Corporate Event’s activities can easily be facilitated in a hotel ballroom, conference center, beach or a park. The possibilities are almost endless!

It’s the time of year, Super Bowl, when the final two teams remain in the NFL.  The AFC and NFC champions, New England Patriots versus the Los Angeles Rams, will battle it out on Sunday, February 3rd what is commonly known as Super Bowl Sunday.  What started with 32 teams and 17 weeks of regular season games, only the best two teams remain.

Super Bowl Sunday has become a American tradition whether you understand the game or not.  There are the infamous funny commercials, tasty food and parties to celebrate.

Here are a few fun Super Bowl statistics to get you prepared for the upcoming big game.

  • In total, 20 different teams have held the title as Super Bowl Champions.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Super Bowls with six championships. Followed by the New England Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers having 5 wins each.
  • The player to win the most Super Bowls is tied between Quarterback Tom Brady and pass rusher Charles Haley each winning five Super Bowl rings.  
  • Brady has won all five of his Super Bowls with the Patriots during his 18-year career.
  • The team with the most appearances at the Super Bowl is the New England Patriots with 11 including Super Bowl 2019.
  • You can catch the big game on CBS at 6:30pm.
  • It will be held at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Another tradition that comes with Super Bowl Sunday is tuning in for the commercials.  When Super Bowl began in 1967, a 30-second commercial costs about $40,000. A 30-second spot reportedly costs between $5 million and $5.5 million in 2019. These ads become iconic and well-known and often talked about for days following the game. Major brands like Coca Cola, Doritos and Budweiser find the Super Bowl a perfect time to market their products. The Super Bowl is the United States most watched television broadcast with an average of 114 million viewers.

Lastly, preparing the menu for your Super Bowl party is just as exciting as watching the game.  Popular foods include hot wings, pizza and chips and dips. With so many unhealthy choices, people are looking for more healthier game day snacks not to interfere with their healthy eating habits. Check out these guilt-free Super Bowl snacks we found here. snacks



With our talent, technique, and proprietary technology, we are the go-to company for corporate groups of any size with 30 to over 6,000 participants. The most common question we recieve is what are our most popular programs by group size?

Small, Medium and Large Groups

Small Groups with 30 to 150 participants enjoy an up close and personal experience with our facilitators. We lead the way in blending professional development with team building activities focused on critical core competencies required in today’s business environment, from conflict resolution to time management skills. Perfect activities for groups of this size include A Minute to Win It and Food Truck Faceoff.

Medium Groups with 150 to 1,000 people require unique organization, sight lines, electronics and more. Lead facilitators for these programs have an engaging and commanding presence.  Our medium-sized groups love CSR programs, which blend team bonding with the smooth and seamless building of items for donation to local charities. Medium size groups love Donation Nation. Groups assemble care packs for those in need in the community.

Large Groups with 1,000 to 6,500 participants are events where we are in a league of our own. With experienced large group facilitators, electronic scoring, proprietary apps, and arsenal of iPads, we have delivered programs as large as a 6,571 person Igniting Team Performance for KMPG, a world record Bike Build Donation for Lowe’s with 3,400 people and world record Build-a-Wheelchair program for Dell with 4,000 people.

If you have a group of 30 people, or over 6000 people, allow us to deliver your next team-building event! Call us at 800-849-8326 or inquire below for more info!

Did you know that January 4th is National Trivia Day? Did you also know that the word “trivia” is plural for the word trivium? Trivium means “place where three roads meet”. From the Latin word “tri” which means three and “via” which means road. According to the word “trivia” means: “matters or things that are very unimportant, inconsequential, or nonessential; trifles; trivialities.”

How National Trivia Day came about isn’t entirely known, there are some speculations, as well as known facts, that are believed to have helped bring about its existence. One of the speculations is that the day was created by a man named Robert L. Birch. He wanted to “raise awareness of how trivia contributes to the development of human curiosity”. Whether or not this is true is not entirely known.

One of the facts is that on February 5th, 1965 Columbia University published a trivia game in their weekly newspaper. This inspired two of the school’s students, Ed Goodgold and Dan Carlinsky. They created and conducted trivia contests between different schools. Later, they wrote a book together called “Trivia” which made it to the New York Times Best Seller list. Another fact is that in 1979, Chris Haney and Scott Abbott of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, created the game Trivial Pursuit. It became a registered trademark in 1981. By 1984 over 20 million games had been sold, and by 2014 there were over 50 special editions.

Think you’re a trivia wiz? Then why not put your group’s knowledge to the test with our Survey Says Game Show! We provide state-of-the-art podiums, microphones, extra-large buttons, scoring, and real game-like visuals and sound effects. We even have multiple buzzers to ensure that everyone in your group is fully engaged! With questions that range from World History, to Pop Culture there will surely be something for everyone!

Best Corporate Events Game Shows are a perfect activity for motivating employees or as a networking event. No matter how many points are on the scoreboard, you can be confident that you will score BIG with your team!

Welcome to the BEST blog, a collection of team building articles, industry insights and news about our large collection of programs and events offered in locations across North America.





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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

      If you have immediate questions, please contact us at:

      Phone: 800.849.8326

      What is a Keynote Speaker?

      Keynote Speaker is an often-misunderstood term associated with simply a motivational speaker, breakout speaker, industry expert, etc. Most professional speakers are not actual trained Keynote Speakers, who are specialists, therefore in much lower supply, and in higher demand.

      Keynote Speakers are experienced, professional communicators who engage an audience, capturing the essence of a client’s meeting. They are able to highlight it to their audience while simultaneously delivering their own key concepts and proprietary content in an entertaining and impactful way. Most companies understand that this specialization is very much worth the time (around an hour) and the investment.

      In order to capture the perfect essence, a Keynote Speaker spends the necessary time researching a client’s industry, their issues, and their audience to craft a customized presentation into a unique and distinctive moment specifically for the client’s event.

      As a top Keynote Speaker, Tom Leu strategically uses compelling storytelling, humor, powerful visuals, audio and video clips, and audience participation elements to weave an impactful message into your event in a fun and memorable way. Tom can also pair his Keynote with Best Corporate Events programming, laying a foundation and setting a tone that best prepares participants for maximum engagement in the forthcoming team events that day.