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Year: 2019

It’s December 31st and time to plan how you will ring in the New Year. This year is the start of a new decade as we enter 2020! Whether you participate in one of the many traditional plans or a quiet night at home, we wish you a Happy New Year!

It is said that 22 percent of Americans will fall asleep before midnight. Will you make it late enough to watch the classic New York City ball drop?  At midnight the traditional song “Auld Lang Syne” is sung. Auld Lang Syne means “old long ago” by Scottish poet Robert Burns. Most people do not know all the words but hum along loudly enough to get by.

Kissing someone at midnight is said to bring good luck. According to English and German folklore, the first person you encounter in a New Year — and the nature of this encounter — sets the tone for the rest of the year. A kiss is about strengthening ties you wish to maintain in the future. Whether a romantic kiss or a hug with close friends, the new year is a great time to strengthen ties amongst loved ones.

Eating collard greens and black-eyed peas is another foodie tradition in the south. It was believed that the black-eyed peas symbolized coins and eating them insured economic prosperity for the coming year, wrote Frederick Douglass Opie, a food historian, in his blog Food As A Lens.

Many of the nation’s larger cities host fireworks on New Year’s Eve. China invented fireworks and is also one of the first countries to take part in New Year’s celebrations due to its time zone. It’s believed that the noise of the fireworks scares evil spirits and misfortune.

Many people use the new year as a time to set resolutions. Making resolutions are goals to improve one’s life and things you long to happen in the new year. Common resolutions include diet, exercise, quitting bad habits, and other issues concerning personal wellness. A prevailing view is that the first day of the year is a clean slate to start over.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day are a popular day for parades. For instance, the New Year’s Day Rose Parade in Pasadena, California to kick off the Rose Bowl. Watching college football is a familiar activity on New Year’s Day in America watching the top teams battle it out for a bowl title.

So get your champagne ready to toast, your confetti ready to throw and your noisemakers ready to shake! It’s time to celebrate your gratefulness for the past year’s blessings whether its with tradition or non-traditional activities. Many nations and cultures have their own characteristic way of celebrating. However you wish to celebrate, we wish you much health, success, and happiness in 2020!

On Friday, December 13, 2019, Comcast in partnership with Best Corporate Events hosted one of our most popular CSR programs, Helping the Homeless in Bothell, WA. 50 members of their team came together to assemble and donate backpacks to help homeless men, women, and families in need. At Best Corporates Events, we learned that one in 30 children are homeless each year and researched some of the most requested items needed at shelters across America. Our team building activity, Helping the Homeless involves participants competing in a series of fun and challenging icebreakers and activities on Apple iPads® we provide. While completing the challenges, teams capture and save all their memories with photos & videos of their teams in action.

Through these challenges, teams earn points, which enable them to acquire the contents of the care packages.  Items can include clothes and blankets, toiletries and hygiene items, first aid supplies, food, school supplies and toys for children. This inspiring, morale-boosting event may include personal touches in the form of letters and messages written by participants to the recipients of the packages

At the conclusion of the event, our charitable resource manager coordinated a representative from Mary’s Place Seattle to attend the event and thank Comcast for their generosity.  Mary’s Place has been helping hundreds of women and families move out of homelessness into more stable situations since 1999. Providing safe shelter and services to support women, children, and families on their journey out of homelessness. Each day, Housing Specialists at Mary’s Place work with families to address barriers and empower parents to build family stability, secure housing, and prepare for employment. Kids do homework, participate in fun and enriching activities, and go on outings and adventures in Kids Club. The women’s drop-in Day Center in downtown Seattle provides meals, showers, laundry, access to resources, safety and relationship to over a hundred women each day.

The support of the community and organizations like Comcast and Best Corporate Events allows Mary’s Place to keep their doors open each day.


Thanksgiving is a holiday known for its traditions, family time, and food. Turkey Day marks the peak of fall weather and the beginning of the holiday season. Thanksgiving traces its origins centuries back to harvest festivals spanning days or weeks. Even though Thanksgiving is now celebrated on only one day – on the fourth Thursday in November – there is no shortage of festivities. With so much happening, it is important to remember just how much there is to be thankful for. Here are some ways for everyone to enjoy the day.

For The Athlete
In towns and cities around the country, runners like to get ahead of their anticipated holiday weight by participating in a local Turkey Trot. These races give people of all ages a chance to kick off their Thanksgiving season with a healthy start. The shorter distance offers participants a chance to show off their fun side, as many runners opt to wear themed costumes. Because Thanksgiving is considered to be a day of charity, organizers sometimes request donations of non-perishable goods for local nonprofits to feed those in need.

For The Nostalgic
An annual tradition for nearly 100 years, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade takes place in Manhattan and is televising nationally to millions every Thanksgiving morning. The three-hour event is filled with themed floats, huge helium character balloons, and various performances. The parade is best known for depicting both classic and contemporary characters in multiple mediums. Classic performances, such as the Rockettes, please crowds every year. To signify the beginning of the holiday season, the final and often most anticipated guest is Santa Claus.

For The Sports Lover
For decades, football has been a Thanksgiving Day staple. Traditionally, the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys have each hosted a Thanksgiving Day game. Often, additional football games, hosted by a rotation of professional teams, are also played. Several collegiate rivalry games have been played on Thanksgiving Day throughout the years. These nationally broadcast events have epic halftime shows, as well.

For The Foodie
The most iconic event of Thanksgiving is the meal itself. The main course of the feast is so well-known, Thanksgiving is also known as Turkey Day. Other food staples often accompany turkeys, such as gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. The meal is typically served family-style, as the Thanksgiving meal is a reason for family and friends to get together to enjoy one another’s company. Variations of the traditional Thanksgiving meal include the vegetarian option of tofu. Libations are usually served as well- for those of age, of course! Because so many families come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, many hosts opt to show thanks by integrating traditional foods from other cultures. During mealtime, breaking the turkey wishbone is a fun tradition. The game is played by two partygoers, each grabbing one end of the wishbone, making a wish, and pulling in opposite directions. It is said that the person with the bigger piece when the wishbone breaks has their wish granted.

For The Deal Chaser
After the feast is over, the only thing left to do is shop Black Friday deals. The Friday after Thanksgiving is when many retailers have massive sales to help shoppers cross off everyone on their holiday gift list. The day is often chaotic for customers and stores alike. Many people take the night of Thanksgiving to plan their strategies, and may even get in line at their favorite places to get the midnight doorbusters. Some may also drive far distances to outlet malls, or places they think will have the biggest discounts on the most sought after items. Because so many people have this day off from work and school, the day has become closely associated with Thanksgiving Day and is sometimes considered a holiday all on its own.

No matter how your family celebrates Thanksgiving, the team at Best Corporate Events is thankful that our clients choose BEST as their team-building facilitator. Thank you for making BEST the #1 rated event organizer in America!

Omaha, Nebraska is a popular destination for meeting planners who are looking for a walkable riverfront downtown with an array of entertainment. There are so many things to do in Omaha for corporate group visits! Stay at one of many hotels near popular restaurants and outdoor activities.

The Omaha area hosts events at the convention center offering 194,000 square feet of exhibit space. A perfect venue for groups large or small.  Best Corporate Events provides industry-leading Omaha team building activities that will forge deeper bonds among members of your group.

This December we look forward to two fun programs in Omaha when we meet two companies who wanted to give back to local charities and those in need. 160 people will participate in Mini Golf Build & Food Donation at the Omaha Marriot Downtown. 

In this program, your group will design and build unique, one-of-a-kind mini-golf holes to create one big miniature golf course where all participants will play when completed. Green carpeting is provided as the putting surface and canned goods, boxed goods, and other building materials are provided to create bumpers, turns, and special obstacle challenges. Creativity, resource management, and teamwork all come into play in this engaging charity event.

Teammates will work together on the concept, construction, theme, and rules of their hole as well as choosing various roles such as golfers, scorekeepers, and course officials. With officials ensuring that the rules of each hole are adhered to, the competition begins! Both newcomers and experienced golfers can enjoy this fun event and the winning team will be anyone’s guess!

Once the tournament is complete, the groceries will be boxed and presented to a local food bank. Your team will feel a sense of accomplishment and the joy that comes from giving to those less fortunate.

Next, 130 participants from another company will experience Build-a-Wheelchair® at the Embassy Suites Downtown. Build-a-Wheelchair® is a corporate social responsibility program born out of a desire to help American veterans and others with various mobility challenges. In this fun and worthwhile program, groups use teamwork skills and iPads® activities to earn the materials necessary to assemble, test and decorate these new wheelchairs for donation. Artistic notes of encouragement are designed and attached. The focal point of this CSR event is to benefit the countless people who, with your generous donation, will be gifted with these beautiful, brand new wheelchairs.

Be sure to explore the city before or after your team building activities. Omaha is known for its pioneer history, museums, and cultural centers. Omaha’s Downtown Capitol District provides an environment where your guests can relax and enjoy amenities, hospitality & green space ambiance. Things to do in Omaha include visiting local pubs, restaurants, galleries, and boutiques. Omaha is home to the world’s largest indoor rainforest at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium. Corporate groups host successful meetings and conventions in Nebraska thanks to all the things to do in Omaha.

The team at Best Corporate Events wants to wish all of our clients and partners a Happy Thanksgiving. As we look back on our year, we are grateful for the companies that reached out to us to fulfill their corporate social responsibility. Our CSR team building programs allow us to help charitable organizations year-round.

At Best Corporate Events we are proud to partner with 1,000s of companies nationwide to donate items to help less fortunate members of the community. While some tend to focus more on giving during the holiday season, we are pleased to offer give-back charitable team building programs throughout the year. Our CSR programs can be delivered anywhere in North America. They feature group bonding activities designed to boost team spirit. These uplifting events include activities, games, and challenges result in the creation of items for donation. The items are donated to local and national charities for the benefit of overseas soldiers, schools, the homeless, children, the elderly, and Alzheimer’s patients – to name a few.

It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving or the holiday season to focus on giving back. Sure we all love pumpkin pie, turkey and football, but let us not forget the reason for the season. The meaning of Thanksgiving, as it is known today, has vastly changed from how it originated. There wasn’t always a Macy’s parade, or watching a football game, nor was pumpkin pie a dessert staple. These tried and true traditions only came into existence many years after the first Thanksgiving.

In 2012, #GivingTuesday was rolled out, making it another popular day to promote and celebrate philanthropy. According to, it’s easy to participate. Just come together and find a way you or your company can give back to the community. There are so many ways you can help others. Through the gift of your time, donations, goods or your voice.

Whatever your family’s traditions may be, Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday meant to show appreciation and thanks. BEST is thankful for all our amazing clients and non-profit partners. Without these organizations nationwide, we would not be able to offer over 16+ CSR programs and help those in need through our charitable donations.  THANK YOU!

“There are 86,400 seconds in a day. It’s up to you to decide what to do with them.” Jim Valvano, Basketball Coach

CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility leads the way for team building. Companies, big and small continuously reach out to Best Corporate Events for a fun event that helps the community. 

These events include corporate team building activities, games, and challenges resulting in the creation of items for donation to local and national charities for the benefit of overseas soldiers, schools, the homeless, children, Alzheimer’s patients and more.

Our production team is constantly seeking new charities that need our help. With the ever-popular Build-a-Wheelchair that benefits seniors, we discovered another great support item that comes in handy called the Rollator and thus launched Build-a-Rollator.  Rollators are like walkers, but the difference between a walker and a rollator is wheels. A rollator is often called a “rolling walker with a seat”. A rollator has four wheels and brakes and does not need to be lifted to move forward. Rollators are easy to maneuver because the wheels swivel. 

These high-quality Rollators feature large 8″non-marking wheels, sturdy handbrakes, a fold-up and removable back support, a padded seat, plastic tray, and a basket to store personal items. The special loop locks, composed of internal aluminum casting, operate easily and ensure safety. The Rollators come with a lever to allow for independent handle height and angle adjustment. There are many benefits to using a rollator some of which include, convenience, peace of mind for outings, extra storage space.

With the use of Apple iPads, teams complete fun trivia, photo, and video challenges to earn trips to the “Rollator store” to gain the parts and supplies necessary to build their Rollators.

Once assembled, team mechanics visit the inspection station before adding a cup holder and customizable cup along with notes of encouragement and a care pack with slip-proof socks, and decorations that are attached to each Rollator.

The Rollators will be staged with your teams for a memorable photoshoot and, whenever possible, a representative from the chosen charity will make a surprise appearance, sharing information about their organization and the impact your donation will have on the recipients.

After the conclusion of the event, a link to the photos and videos captured by the participants during the program will be made available for you to relive the memories of this fun and worthwhile team-building event.

We could not ask for a better home for our corporate office. Located in sunny Clearwater, Florida, it’s home to plenty of sunshine, the most perfect weather and #1 rated Clearwater Beach. 

We partner with nonprofit charitable organizations across the US every day for our CSR giveback programs. CSR is our most popular program and helps benefit those in need. Each day our clients help veterans, senior citizens, students, and others by participating in a BEST CSR Clearwater team building event.  

Being based in beautiful Clearwater, we have the privilege to work with a local organization called Clearwater Jazz Holiday. The CJH hosts a four-day music festival that involves fundraisers and outreach events year-round. These innovative and exciting opportunities, allow the learning and funding needed to change the lives of people of all ages in the Clearwater community. 

Best Corporate Events has partnered with the Clearwater Jazz Holiday and kicked off its Annual Get Tuned event with our signature Build-a-Guitar program. Build-a-Guitar is an annual initiative designed to engage the greater family of CJH corporate partners and other supporters around a unique team building program. Participating teams assemble special guitars that are donated to CJH outreach partners.

With the help of the guitars we donate, CJH provides onsite group guitar lessons throughout the year with these outreach partners. Here is a brief description of what the CJH does with the instruments we donate. CJH identifies special opportunities to inspire young musicians with the gift of music. CJH collects donated instruments and also works with partners to help inspire young people to continue on their musical journey. Whether it is for a school jazz or band program, a committed student who may not otherwise be able to afford an instrument outside of the school system, or a dedicated proven talent, these gifts of beginner and professional-grade instruments are a symbol of CJH’s strong belief in these young talents and the power of music to change lives.

“Clearwater Jazz Holiday thanks Best Corporate Events for donating its wonderful Build-A-Guitar® charitable program and giving the gift of music to young people in our community.” – Clearwater Jazz Holiday

Here is a great picture of our CEO, Scott, and his wife, Trish, who had the pleasure of being recognized on the big stage at the music festival! 

A company’s sense of responsibility towards the community has become increasingly more important year after year. Consumers are looking for more than just high-quality products and services. When making a purchase, consumers are holding companies accountable for how they socially contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). By embracing CSR, companies stand out from competitors in your industry and have an advantage over them. You establish yourself as a company committed to going one step further by considering social and environmental factors.

Our Most Popular Programs

Over the years, BEST has developed a great lineup of charitable give-back programs. We have built long-lasting relations with the top philanthropic organizations. Our CSR programs can be delivered anywhere in North America. They feature group bonding activities designed to boost team spirit and unity while helping less fortunate members of your community. These uplifting events include activities, games, and challenges resulting in the creation of items for donation. The items are donated to local and national charities. These charities are helping overseas soldiers, schools, the homeless, children, the elderly, and Alzheimer’s patients – to name a few.

Check out these Top 7 benefits to contributing to CSR:

  1. Increase public image – For most companies, their measure of success is based on the positive impact they have on society while maximizing the value for its employees and owners. Whether you like to believe it or not, consumers assess your public image when deciding whether to buy from you. Consider organizing volunteering time or a team building activity like Build-a-Wheelchair. Build-a-Wheelchair is a fun and interactive event where participants assemble wheelchairs to benefit veterans and local nonprofits. Consumers will notice that your brand is committed to helping others and, as a result, want to do business with you.
  2. Boost employee engagement – Team building activities are an excellent way for employees to develop deeper relationships with one another. By showing your commitment to CSR, you’re more likely to attract and retain the top-performing employees.
  3. Positive workplace environment – Positive employee relationships are crucial for today’s companies. The team building programs hosted by BEST allow your team members to grow within their career by strengthening their skills and relationships. Employees, in turn, will be more engaged, productive, and happy!
  4. Increase creativity – Members of your team can utilize their different strengths while sharpening other skills needed at the workplace. Using each individual’s creativity encourages professional and personal growth.
  5. Boost performance – In addition to forming better relationships, team building activities develop skills that can be used back in the office. So the next time a big project is assigned, everyone will be more confident in their role in the project.
  6. Confidence – CSR helps build confidence allowing your team to be more confident in speaking up and being open to sharing their ideas.
  7. Have fun – At Best Corporate Events, we offer unique programs that combine fun with a higher level of problem-solving, innovation, and strategic planning. Furthermore, our events are designed to enhance individual and team growth through trust and communication. Team building will solidify the cohesiveness of your group while providing key insights and applicable skill sets needed in the workplace. In 2017, a study by Cone Communications found that the majority of consumers surveyed, 87% said they would purchase a product because a company supported a cause they care about. More importantly, a whopping 76% will refuse to buy from a company if they learn it supports a cause contrary to their own beliefs.

Team Building for CSR

It is in a companies best interest to establish a CSR strategy. A plan involving all the employees at every level is essential. The majority of these initiatives are team building activities. Whether scheduled daily, monthly, or quarterly, they contribute to the strength of the team and are far more valuable than any other initiative.

Don’t forget to share your efforts on your social media channels. And if you hire BEST to facilitate your next CSR event, don’t forget to mention us in your post.  We love seeing your team at work and having fun! Our Facebook page can be found HERE. Your customers would love to see how you are helping the community, thus help increase your customer base. Some companies that do a great job showcasing their CSR efforts are big names like Apple, Google, and The Walt Disney Company.

View our full list of CSR programs HERE



Diverse and hip city, Atlanta, Georgia is the perfect destination for your group’s next event. Companies visit Atlanta for its year-round ideal weather. Perfect for outdoor or indoor team building activities and group outings. Home to an array of event venues, corporate groups of any size can host their event in Atlanta.  

Some popular stops during your visit might include favorites like the Georgia Aquarium. The aquarium is the world’s largest indoor aquarium. Other notable places include the College Football Hall of Fame and the World of Coca-Cola. Visitors love the variety of culinary choices, attractions, and walkable downtown. 

Try an outdoor activity like Team Olympics at one of 343 parks. Team Olympics combines high-energy competition with basic athletic ability, allowing everyone to participate. Home of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, host your own Team Olympics for your group. This program is an exceptional way to generate team spirit while competing for the gold, silver, and bronze medals.  

Host your conference or meeting at more than 11,000 local hotels or the Georgia World Congress Center. Offering over 1 million square feet of event space, BEST has facilitated many CSR events in Atlanta like Bike Build Donation or Mini Golf Build & Food Donation. One of our most popular charitable programs is Bike Build Donation®.  Participants build and donate bikes to benefit children in need in Atlanta. 

After an indoor team building activity, meeting attendees can explore the city with our City SmartHunt®. SmartHunts use Apple iPads to challenge team members by answering clues and questions about the city. Explore local landmarks like the High Museum of Art, Fox Theatre and Piedmont Park. Take in Buckhead, known for its fast pace business district with high-end shopping and restaurants. 

Your corporate group will remember the southern hospitality during their next visit to Atlanta. Choose a Charitable program such as Bike Build Donation® or Charity Mini-Golf Course Build and create items for donation to local charities for the benefit of children or the elderly. With more than 50 unique and engaging team building activities customized for your group, Best facilitators will make sure your company’s visit to Atlanta and team building event is one to remember.

The weather is changing and so are the leaves! Fall officially starts on September 23rd. The beginning of the season means festive activities and crisper air. With our headquarters located in Florida, our corporate office does not get to appreciate the cooler temps. However, we still enjoy so much of what fall has to offer. From apple picking to pumpkin spice lattes, there are so many reasons to grab some boots and a scarf to head out to enjoy some of the best aspects of fall. This season is also a great time for your group to come together for team building activities. While the thought of snuggling up under a warm blanket and sipping hot cider sounds appealing, it is also important to build a strong bond with coworkers. As the #1 event organizer, Best Corporate Events can facilitate a team building event for any sized group. To get the most out of what fall has to offer, these events are fun, collaborative choices.

BEST Fall Programs

Chili Cook-Off

The cooler weather calls for a warm, hearty bowl of chili. Chili Cook-Off gives teams the opportunity to do just that while incorporating fun icebreakers and creative skills. A focus on teamwork and organization is key in this event. Each team designated Head chefs are at the start of the event to oversee the numerous tasks that occur simultaneously. Culinary ingenuity is put to work as each team develops, preps, and cooks their own chili recipe. 

For those whose skills are focused more on the arts, other duties include decorating their head chef’s apron and creating a presentation or jingle to showcase the distinct qualities of their team. Knowledge is put to the test as participants earn points for their team using Apple iPads® which deliver text, audio and video clues, chili trivia, and exciting gaming challenges. All your memories of this delicious event will be captured with photos and video of your teams in action. When the judging begins, scorecards will be utilized to award points based on creativity, presentation, and taste. One team will emerge triumphant as the reigning Chili Cook-Off Champions!

Chocolate Architect

Fall also brings another season- football! Chocolate Architect helps your group bond as they design and build various themed structures, including a stadium, utilizing candies and chocolate delicacies. Participants earn points for their team using Apple iPads® which deliver text, audio and video clues, chocolate trivia and exciting gaming challenges. Earned points are used to purchase a chocolate construction kit and special materials packages. Once structures are completed, final touches are added in the form of various colorful confectionaries. All your memories of this delicious event are captured with photos and video of your teams in action. To show off their team spirit, each team’s creative interpretation will be displayed for the entire group to enjoy.

Bears and Blankets

Warm your heart with a charity event program to donate to local kids in need. During Bears and Blankets, teams will stuff and decorate teddy bears, then swaddle them in a warm soft blanket. During the event, as teams earn points they will be choosing their bears and carefully stuffing them to huggable perfection. Bear-size t-shirts are skillfully designed and decorated by the artistic members of your group. Once the furry friends are created, they are dressed in their custom shirt for an identity all their own. The swaddling blankets help promote an added sense of security for the children receiving them. All finished items are then delivered to crisis centers and law enforcement agencies to distribute them to children who have experienced trauma. Best of all, a proud team of employees is uplifted knowing they helped children to know someone cares.

We Care for Schools 

Fall signals the beginning of the school year. We Care for Schools benefits local schools in dire need of supplies for the classroom and beyond. Teams participate in iPad activities, and photo and video challenges while assisting in filling bins with supplies for local classrooms in need. Common school items like pencils, paper, glue sticks, and first aid kits are frequently in short supply due to how quickly they deplete. A student who is well-equipped is a student who is more productive and focused. Unfortunately, creative programs in the classroom like art are the first impacted by budget cuts. Supplementing a supply of items like colored pencils, paintbrushes, and sketch pads are vital for fostering a creative outlet for students. This program is a great way to support the local teachers and administration so that they can focus on their valuable work of molding young minds. 

Fall has the trees bursting with color to signify change. Be sure your team is bursting with a sense of synergy with one of our team building activities. 

Welcome to the BEST blog, a collection of team building articles, industry insights and news about our large collection of programs and events offered in locations across North America.




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