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Month: July 2018

Tampa is one of the major cities of Florida, located in Hillsborough County. It is on the west coast of Florida near the Gulf of Mexico. Tampa is part of the metropolitan area most commonly referred to as the “Tampa Bay Area” and is the largest city in the Tampa Bay Area.

Tampa is part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. It includes famous Clearwater Beach and renowned Tarpon Springs. The four-county area is composed of roughly 2.9 million residents, making it the second largest metropolitan statistical area in the state, and the fourth largest in the Southeastern United States, behind Miami, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta.

Our Corporate Office

Best Corporate Events gets to call Tampa it’s home with our corporate office located in this fun and vibrant area. We enjoy the year-round good weather and fun-filled events!

So when your company is getting ready to choose their destination for the next corporate meeting or retreat, you might want to consider Tampa Bay.
You could plan your meetings around notable events like Gasparilla, PirateFest or the Outback Bowl. You could spend the weekend catching some rays at TripAdvisor’s voted #1 beach in America, Clearwater Beach. Wherever your company may choose, Best is delighted to deliver a team building program that your group will never forget.

Here are just a few of our favorite local venues that boast plentiful guest rooms, meeting space and great views!

1. Saddlebrook Resort features over 95,000 square feet of meeting and function space.  This includes 34 breakout rooms and 15 stunning outdoor areas. We particularly love team building events at Saddlebrook because of the lush nature preserve and 9,600 square foot Super Pool Deck! The massive outdoors space makes the perfect venue for a Build-a-Raft Competition or Corporate Survivor.

2. Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort offer 100,000 square feet of unique meeting space, four championship golf courses, and over 400 guest rooms! Best enjoys facilitating one of our SmartHunts at Innisbrook due to the unique layout spanning over 900 acres. Your group will love experiencing the outdoors.  Participants will explore all that nature has to offer including different species of birds, trees, and squirrels!

3. Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach is the latest addition to Clearwater Beach.  It offers 22,000 square feet of meeting space hosting world-class events for companies from all over the US. Best works directly with the meeting and convention managers to design a perfect team building event for your guests. Whether your team is looking for a corporate workshop or charitable type of program, we lead the way in high-tech and fun programs!

4. Tampa Marriot Waterside is located along the scenic waterfront of Tampa Bay, adjacent to the Tampa Convention Center. This hotel provides impressive views of downtown Tampa. After your participants enjoy their delicious breakfast or lunch and before the meetings kick off, host a fun give-back team building program to benefit a local charity. Your group attendees will build long-last relationships while building bikes, wheelchairs or guitars to be donated to kids and seniors in need.

5. Busch Gardens, home to more than 300 species of animals.  Busch Garden’s is Tampa’s largest zoo and might also be your next destination for your corporate meeting. Whether you are looking for an exclusive park buyout for 3,000 meeting attendees or meeting space for a smaller group, I bet you never knew that Busch Gardens could host your next event right alongside some exotic animals!

Although Tampa is our home, we deliver team building programs anywhere in North America without travel cost. Thousands of companies, including 80 of the Fortune 100, trust Best to produce the perfect program for their group. Where will your company travel to next? We hope it’s Tampa!

Bike Build Donation® is our signature program. We facilitate more Bike Build Donations®, bikes for kids, than any other program in our lineup each year. We offer over 16 Corporate Social Responsibility programs that benefit local charities. Bike Build Donation® continues to lead the way in popularity. Our CSR programs can be delivered anywhere in North America and feature group bonding activities designed to boost team spirit and unity while helping less fortunate members of your community. These uplifting events include activities, games, and challenges resulting in the creation of items for donation to local and national charities

BEST facilitators have been delivering charity bike build events for over 20 years. After going high-tech in 2012, we continue to pioneer the future of this CSR donation program with the use of our proprietary apps and Apple iPads®. Now building bikes for kids is even more high-tech.

Every bicycle your group builds comes with a cool helmet and a lock for safety. Organization, delegation, communication, and some mechanical skills will be put to use to complete this fun and engaging activity.

At the conclusion of the program, whenever possible, your group will present these beautiful, finished bicycles to deserving children – accompanied by a local charity representative who will address your group and thank you for your donation.

Setting a Record

On February 7, 2018, we delivered the largest bike build in history. 3,400 employees from Lowe’s built and donated 1,048 bikes for kids at an event in Las Vegas!

Introducing the Green Machine

The bikes built during our original Bike Build program are for children for ages 5-9 years. Knowing Bike Builds are in high demand with corporate groups, we developed another version of this program. We can now Build Green Machines, bikes with three wheels for kids of a different age range, from 7 years and older!

The legendary Green Machine spins, slides and glides its way into a new generation. The long slides, drifts, and skids are head-turning. The ride is all-around game-changing! The Huffy Green Machine has been part of some of the best childhood memories for decades of kids. From using dual-stick steering like a pro to making outrageous spins at that perfect moment, your friends will be lining up for the chance to take a spin on your green ride. The new designs and innovations of this legendary ride deliver better spins and smoother slides along with total comfort. Huffy Source

Coming soon, we will add another program to our CSR bike lineup and be able to Build Bikes for Teens! Why should the older kids be left out, while many charities could benefit from bikes of all sizes.

So if your group has already completed a Bike Build at their last CSR team building event, they can partake in building these two other types of bikes and feel the great sense of accomplishment that comes with helping kids of all ages.

When you think of team building, what do you think are the most common reasons that companies decide to hire a team building company? For an office party, annual conference or a company retreat? The answer is, all the time! Team building can be included as part of a companies agenda for many reasons.  Here are some of the most common reasons companies hire us.

A lot of the large Fortune 500 companies host an Annual Conference. At the conference, attendees break into smaller groups to learn specialized skills. The group then comes back together for the General session to learn about company-wide initiatives. Topics may include goals for the coming year, motivational speakers or organizational realignment.

Enter Best Corporate Events. Companies hire us to facilitate team building programs to their group at different times during the conference.  Often as the kick-off to the event, in the middle to break up the agenda or at the end of the conference as a fun conclusion.

Our Largest Program Of All Time

Our largest program to date was in February of 2018. We facilitated a Bike Build Donation® for 3,400 Lowe’s managers and built 1,048 bicycles! The Bike Build Donation® was done at the conclusion of their event.  It was just what the group needed after sitting for days straight in meetings and training classes.  It was a fun afternoon to let loose and help those in need. We were told attendees that those who attended the conference in prior years, look forward to the last day because they know it will be a time to have fun and give back to the local community. Any group size from 30 and beyond can use team building to boost the company’s morale and provide a fun activity for its attendees. At Best Corporate events, we specialize in large groups! Learn more about our large group programming here.

We love CSR!

Sometimes companies have a corporate initiative known as CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a self-regulating business model that helps the company be socially accountable – to itself, its stakeholders and the public. At Best, we offer over 16 CSR team building programs, which benefit local organizations.  Our CSR programs help senior citizens, children, and veterans to name a few.

Another reason companies may plan team building is because sometimes two companies are merging to create one. They want to host a team building activity to introduce the employees to each other from each company. Team building is a great way to increase synergy and boost morale. This is a very common reason that we might facilitate one of our professional development programs, like Speed Networking for example.

Our SmartHunts® are the perfect activity for companies who are looking to explore a new city. Groups may be visiting a new city, but be locked indoors all day stuck in meetings. SmartHunts® are a combination of sightseeing, gaming, and laughter and the best way to get out and explore a city!

Most importantly, have fun!

Most importantly, sometimes we are just brought in to have fun! If you are fortunate to work at a company that invests in its employees and that wants to keep you happy, having fun is one of the most popular reasons companies may schedule team building.

In conclusion, the timing for team building may differ depending on the company, but the end goal is always similar. Give back, boost team spirit and have fun!

The Convention Center land is growing. Just when you think there are already a significant amount of hotels, convention centers and conference space in the world, another city announces their plans to add more! Companies now have an even wide selection to choose from. When choosing where to hold your next meeting, conference, and event, how do you choose?

We look forward to checking out some of these new destinations making their way into the world of convention and conference space and delivering a fun event for your team.

Here are just a few of the latest convention center and hotel developments we look forward to traveling to:

1. New Orleans – This summer marked the start of a $557 million construction plan in New Orleans.  The plan is to upgrade and revamp the existing convention center. The plan includes a 1,200 room hotel, pedestrian park, more meeting rooms and many improvements overall. This renovation is sure to bring large companies to this already vibrant town.  New Orleans will be able to offer even more convention space and hotel rooms for the largest of conferences!

2. DoubleTree Convention Center Missouri – Yes, you heard it right! You can have your next meeting in Missouri! Thank you to the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels, they will build a 10,000 square feet convention center.  This convention center will be able to house meetings for up to 500 people. Visitor bureaus are always looking for ways to bring visitors to their city, whether on business or pleasure.  This type of development is just what they needed to make an impact on the economy in Springfield, Missouri.

3. Oklahoma City – Have you ever thought of bringing your company to OKC – Oklahoma City? Beginning in 2020, over 605 of you and your closest co-workers can attend your next meeting in OKC.  Your company can stay at the new 17-story Omni Hotel next to the new convention center. The city is excited to introduce this modernly designed hotel featuring restaurants, a resort style pool, and pedestrian park.

The convention center and hotel will be linked to the cities attractions, dining and nightlife around the downtown area by the new six-mile OKC Streetcar system. The streetcars will make getting around easier for conference goers. Have you ever asked yourself where does the money come from for these large, expensive projects?  With OKC as an example, the OKC Convention Center was funded by a 1-cent sales tax initiative that began in April 2010 and ended in December 2017. Bringing the money raised to a total of $777 million dollars to complete this project! The residents of OKC saw this as an opportunity to improve the city in every way.

4. Louisville –  Even convention and visitor bureaus that have been around for 50 years plus are “revamping” their convention business simply by changing their name. The Lousiville Convention & Visitors Bureau has turned 50 and officially changed their name to Louisville Tourism. The CVB continues to find ways to bring visitors to the city for both work and pleasure.

5. Event DC – Other cities like Washington DC are putting a new twist on bringing meeting attendees to the town.  Washington DC is focusing not only on conference space but enhancing it’s retail and entertainment areas. Developers are partnering with Event DC to create a vibrant and larger downtown through the collaboration with Apple and other big retailers. These types of partnerships bring a conference to DC by offering hip and new entertainment and shopping options.

6. Miami Beach recently gives a green light for an 800-room hotel!  This hotel to be built which will connect to the Miami Beach Convention Center. The hotel will include more meeting space, ballrooms and most importantly hotel rooms to house meeting attendees.

7. Las Vegas – The list would not be complete without a mention of a new development by Caesar’s Entertainment. The world’s most diversified casino-entertainment company knows how to stay in the game with large conference centers.  Caesar’s announces it plans to develop a 550,000 square-foot space in Las Vegas, named Caesars Forum. So if your company has already done Vegas, here’s another reason to return starting in 2020. “Building the two largest ballrooms in the world demonstrates our continued commitment to the meetings industry,” said Chief Sales Officer Michael Massari.

Best Corporate Events specializes in Large Groups!

Best Corporate Events specializes in large groups, so whether your event is for 30 people or 3,000 people, we are the go-to company for your team building needs.  We have perfected the art of successful large group programming with cutting-edge programs that are both fun and impactful.

When we are asked, where is your favorite place to travel and facilitate team building events? We answer “All of them!”

Welcome to the BEST blog, a collection of team building articles, industry insights and news about our large collection of programs and events offered in locations across North America.





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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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      In order to capture the perfect essence, a Keynote Speaker spends the necessary time researching a client’s industry, their issues, and their audience to craft a customized presentation into a unique and distinctive moment specifically for the client’s event.

      As a top Keynote Speaker, Tom Leu strategically uses compelling storytelling, humor, powerful visuals, audio and video clips, and audience participation elements to weave an impactful message into your event in a fun and memorable way. Tom can also pair his Keynote with Best Corporate Events programming, laying a foundation and setting a tone that best prepares participants for maximum engagement in the forthcoming team events that day.