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Month: April 2018

Besides flexible hours, friendly relationships with coworkers, and career growth, the incoming workforce — aka Millennials — want something else when it comes to their job: corporate volunteering opportunities that fulfill their social responsibility.

For instance, in The Millennial Impact Report, they found that 55% of Millennials said that “a company’s support for social causes was an important factor in accepting a job offer.” And that 78% of Millennials “prefer doing cause work in groups, such as company-wide volunteer days or in a team or department-wide projects.” Volunteering during work hours or having employees volunteer skills to the community can engage employees, increase job satisfaction and can boost team spirit and unity.

Below are five corporate charity events where employees can develop team-building skills while helping the community.

1. Bike Build Donation
As one of our top 10 programs at BEST, the Bike Build Donation involves teams participating in challenges and activities that use engaging audio/video clues to earn the parts necessary to assemble the bikes. The bikes are built for local children in need and once built by the team; mechanics inspect the bikes before taking a group picture. If there is additional time, team members can write personal notes of encouragement to the recipients or create decorative bike license plates. The event ends with a local charity representative accepting the donation, whenever possible.

Check out a recent Bike Build Donation event for Lowe’s employees where they built and donated 1,048 bicycles for local Las Vegas Boys and Girls clubs in the community. See it Here

2. Charity Game Show
This team activity utilizes state-of-the-art game show podiums where employees face-off and “buzz in” an answer to questions from topics ranging from geography and science to sports and entertainment. The Charity Game Show offers a projected answer board, microphones and real game-like visuals and sound effects.

At the conclusion of the event, a team member from your group will deliver a giant check, signed by the members of the winning team, to a representative of the charity of your choice.

3. Bears and Blankets
In this corporate event that gives back to the community, employees will solve text, audio and video clues in order to earn points and use these points to choose their bears and the accompany stuffing. The artistic members of your group will also obtain bear-sized t-shirts that they will skillfully design and decorate. Lastly, team members will use their creativity to swaddle the bears with warm, soft blankets.

Once the bears are assembled, they are then delivered to crisis centers and law enforcement agencies where they are given to children who have experienced trauma. Whenever possible, a representative from the organization receiving your gifts will address your group and thank them for their generous donation.

4. Donation Nation Care Packs
Through Apple iPads, teams will solve text, audio, and video clues as well as complete exciting gaming challenges in order to earn points and retrieve contents of the care packages they are building. In addition, a running scorecard is posted to increase the excitement and energy of the event. These care packages will include specific items needed for the chosen charity. Recipient examples include food banks, hospices, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and other community and social service agencies.

Like the other events listed, if possible, a representative from the chosen charity will visit your group and speak about their organization as well as join for the final stages of the care package assembly.

5. Locate and Donate SmartHunt
Using our SmartHunts innovative application, teams will navigate through a customized scavenger hunt to complete text, photo, and video challenges on their Apple iPads to earn points and see if they can complete the challenge.

Along the route, teams will need to find challenge stations where they receive a surprise package if they complete the challenge. Using the puzzle pieces found in all the collected packages, employees will have to complete the puzzle in order to create a large bank check donation to an organization of your choice in any amount you desire.

Furthermore, following the event, your facilitator from BEST will send team members a link that contains all the photos and videos shot by your team during the SmartHunt.

So, if you’re looking for team building activities that successfully give back to the community, consider these five charitable group bonding activities to use at your next corporate event!

Celebrating Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day is April 25, 2018, is an important time for businesses to appreciate and recognize the hard work of their office support and administrative professionals.

Contrary to popular belief, Administrative Professionals Day was not invented by Hallmark.  It was created in 1952 to recognize the importance administrative personnel played and continues to play in the economy. During World War II, the workforce saw an increase for administrative professionals.  Thus formed the National Secretaries Association, now International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), was formed.

So as Administrative Professionals Day and Week draws near,  you are not sure how to celebrate? Are you struggling to come up with creative ideas to reward your amazing administrative professionals?

Below are five ideas to use or help inspire you for Administrative Professionals Week.

1. Team building activities
Team building is a great idea if you’re rewarding a larger group of administrative professionals. From city-wide scavenger hunts to a Game Show Feud, there are many engaging and fun activities for your employees to participate in.

In addition to rewarding your employees with a fun activity outside of the office, team building activities can also help build confidence in employees and boost overall performance. On a larger level, these types of activities can grow a strong organizational culture. Employees develop deeper relationships and learn to work better with each other.

2. Time off
Your admins work hard, so why not reward them with a day off? You can even bring it up a notch and reward them with an afternoon at the movies, spa or mall. Most people enjoy a paid break to rest and reset.  Especially the incoming workforce, as it can help decrease stress levels.

You can even extend the time off and offer a couple of paid vacation days. They can use to take a small trip somewhere with friends or family.

3. Personalized gift
Another excellent way to properly award your admins is to give them a personalized gift. Before Administrative Professionals Day rolls around, learn what your employee likes and dislikes. Talk with their co-workers to gain a better understanding. You should also take the time to get to know your admin better if you’re not exactly sure what they like.

In return, your admin won’t just appreciate the personalized gift, but be more motivated in their work.  They will know that upper management values them and their skills.

4. Professional development
Not every admin will want a gift or time off. Some may actually want and would benefit from a professional training course or seminar. Have an informal one-on-one with your admins.   Discuss what skills they are looking to develop.  These skill can help them become more effective at their job or to help further their career. Then, once you have an idea of what they would like to develop, look for programs, seminars or workshops that they could attend.

In addition, at BEST, we offer many corporate training and professional development workshops. From time management to conflict resolution workshops, we can help your employees develop the necessary core competencies needed in today’s business environment.

5. Cater lunch
Lastly, consider rewarding admins with a catered lunch or treat them to lunch outside of the office. Talk with employees to learn what type of food they enjoy.  You can offer the perfect catered lunch.  You could also take your admins out for lunch.  This will show your gratitude for their hard work. Plus, employees will notice if you go the extra mile to make their Administrative Professionals Day special.

All in all, Administrative Professionals Day/Week is an important one for businesses to celebrate and it’s vital that your admins be properly recognized and rewarded for their daily hard work and contribution.

Not the most ideal weather? Indoor Team Building

Team building can happen anywhere. So whether your next meeting is in the dead of winter or heat of summer, indoor team building is always an option. Looking to grow and develop members of your organization? Team building activities are a great way to engage current employees and develop deeper relationships so they can work better together. When these relationships grow, the better creativity, productivity, and quality work is produced. If you’re not consistently team building, now’s the time to start!

Moreover, fun team building activities can happen anywhere, not only outside during the warm summer months.

Below are six indoor team building activities to try to boost engagement and increase connections.

1. Survey Says
Looking to bring out the fun and competitive spirit among coworkers? Survey Says is a team building activity with a real game show atmosphere. After the initial icebreaker, participants will face-off at the podium, where they will compete to take control of the game. The system uses a fast-paced round of survey questions with a bracket scoring system. The winning teams move through the bracket to the finale.

Best of all, our unique game show design helps keep everyone involved during the show, including polling the audience.

2. A Minute 2 Win It!
Using everyday household items and office supplies, A Minute 2 Win It! is a series of high-energy tabletop team building games. After a demo and practice session, teams will compete in fast-paced challenges and be scored accordingly. Teams will be assigned to an activity station and rotate through the various challenges.

In addition, teams are always engaged and focused on continuous improvement in an attempt to maximize their score. Examples of challenges include: tossing and catching an ever-increasing number of pencils, cup stacking, racing to put a shuffled deck of cards in a specific sequence and more!

3. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Training
Want to know how each coworker works best? Our MBTI training helps teams determine personality preference through a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment as well as how to enhance team dynamics through the data collected.

This training workshop will help teams understand each other’s personalities better and how this awareness can translate into positive behavior and address differences respectfully and productively. The workshop will also explain thinking, organization, and decision-making associated with each personality style to help develop better communication preferences with employees.

Culinary and Cooking Team Building Ideas

4. Food Truck Face-Off
Looking for a team building activity that is fun and delicious? Our Food Truck Face-off is a perfect blend of competition, fun and good food to help motivate participants. Participants will form groups and choose their cuisine and the theme of their food truck. Food truck themes include All-American, Mexican, Mediterranean, Asian, Vegetarian and “Sweet Tooth.”

Teams then work to create a company name, design a logo, create menus and a commercial to perform and lastly build a large, cardboard truck facade. Then, teams will be provided with specific ingredients to make a dish for everyone to try. The catch? No recipes will be given, and teams will have to work together to create a tasty dish all on their own. Teams will try to out-cook one another and out-score their competition to win gold medals. Best of all, teams will be able to graze the room and see their competition’s food trucks and try their tasty dishes.

5. Mini-Golf Build and Food Donation
This is a great indoor team building activity that also allows employees to give back to the local community. Participants will form groups and have to design and build a unique, one-of-a-kind mini golf hole with donated food items and ultimately, create a miniature mini-golf course.

Green carpeting is provided as well as canned goods, boxed goods and other building materials. From concept to construction, participants will work together to create not only the course but rules for their hole. Once each hole is designed, and the rules are explained, everyone in the group gets to golf the course. In the end, the team will combine individual scores to determine which team will be crowned mini golf champion!

After the competition, the canned food items will be boxed and delivered to a local food bank. Or, if possible, a local representative from a food bank/organization will address your group and thank them for their generosity.

6. Chocolate Architect
In this indoor team building activity, participants will design and build various themed structures utilizing candy and chocolate delicacies. Teams can choose to build famous landmarks from around the world, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Colosseum, Eiffel Tower, etc.

Furthermore, participants will earn points for their team using iPads which deliver text, audio and video clues, chocolate trivia and exciting gaming challenges. With these points, teams will purchase a chocolate construction kit and their special materials package to build their structures.

Indoor Team Building Wins!

Regardless of your meeting venue, we can assure you indoor team building can be just as fun as outdoors.

From a small intimate group of 30 to a large group of over 100, our events at Best Corporate Events focus on interaction which leads to happier and more productive team members in the workplace. Better yet, we work seamlessly with your venue to arrange all the logistics, setting up the materials and getting the room ready for the activity.

Welcome to the BEST blog, a collection of team building articles, industry insights and news about our large collection of programs and events offered in locations across North America.





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