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National Puzzle Day

We all love puzzles right? Well, at least some people enjoy puzzles! With the myriad of puzzles out there, it would be challenging not to like at least one of them, seeing how they provide use at home, corporate events, parties, leadership activities, and more! There are so many types we would have to start … Continued

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National Do Something Fun at Work Day

It’s #NationalFunAtWorkDay What not a better day and excuse to do something fun at our corporate office with our very own team, we’ll take it!  The members of our corporate team had a fun day playing Human Bingo! But what would benefit the team members at BEST, a company that specializes in team building across … Continued

  • By Jonathan Ruales
  • In Holiday
  • Posted January 23, 2018

National Pie Day

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore! However, today we are not talking about this kind of pie. We are, however, talking about the many varieties of dessert pies! A wise American Author named David Mamet once said, “We must have pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of … Continued

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Getting To Know Your Clients

Did you know there is a “get to know your clients day”?  They say that your happy clients are likely to recommend you to their friends, colleagues and strangers.  As well as increase their business with you over time. The third Thursday of every quarter has now been designated as #GetToKnowYourCustomers day for this very … Continued

Graphic of the words International Hot and Spicy Foods Day with three spoons below it holding different spices

International Hot and Spicy Food Day

Ah, I can feel my sinuses becoming clear just thinking about it. Spicy foods, you are my Claritin! My personal favorite spicy food is a slightly run-of-the-mill choice but, but I have to go with spicy wings! There is no denying wings are a go-to snack for corporate outings, company team building events or even … Continued

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The Benefits of CSR

Our Most Popular Programs are CSR A company’s sense of responsibility towards the community has become increasingly more important year after year.  Due to, consumers are looking for more than just high-quality products and services.  When making a purchase, consumers are holding companies accountable for how they socially contribute with CSR. Over the years, BEST has developed a … Continued