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Month: January 2018

We all love puzzles right? Well, at least some people enjoy puzzles!

With the myriad of puzzles out there, it would be challenging not to like at least one of them, seeing how they provide use at home, corporate events, parties, leadership activities, and more! There are so many types we would have to start by naming some genres. In the lane of puzzles there are, mechanical, logic, math, cryptic, word, trivia, mathematical, riddles and lastly pattern puzzles.

Now if we want to be a little more specific, there is Sudoku, crossword, word search, escape rooms, anagrams, paint by numbers and cryptograms, just to name a few! There is one puzzle I haven’t mentioned yet, and I feel as if it is often the first thing we think of when we hear the word “puzzle.” The jigsaw puzzle! Now, I love a good jigsaw puzzle, but not when you’re putting together an actual 2000 piece puzzle and your dog chews 2-3 pieces leaving you with the bitter, empty, dissatisfaction of being unable to finish your beautiful picture. Or the other possibility which in my opinion would be worse, if your dog chewed one piece, so after completing your puzzle, there was only one piece missing! That’s madness. Or maybe I’m mad, probably both.

In the spirit of puzzles, we would be remiss if we didn’t share this adventure that is unique and fun.

The Mystery of Da Vinci Smarthunt This program is the reinvention of an old-fashioned code-based scavenger hunt. Now, the program is complete with a cool Cryptex and a cache of Apple iPads – – creating a paperless, interactive event that would make Da Vinci proud! This program encourages teamwork communication, and works as an indoor team building activity or an outdoor team building activity! Whatever works best for you!

Group of people standing around a puzzle on a street

Codex on a carpeted floor

Mystery of Da Vinci graphic artwork

It’s #NationalFunAtWorkDay

On January 28, the calendar gives you official permission to have fun at work.  Getting some work done while keeping the team happy, is a required balance that is needed.  Maybe you want to plan a luncheon, a party or activity. Perhaps you are lucky to work at a company where every day at work is fun, but in case you need some inspiration, check out what we did at our office today.

What would benefit the team members at BEST, a company that specializes in team building across the nation and beyond? Surely not a game of cards, or hopscotch. Perhaps Jax, or duck-duck-goose? Members of our corporate team had a fun day playing Human Bingo!

Let’s get right into it – how to play Human Bingo!

  • Our production team prepared the bingo cards full of interesting and fun facts about people. With specific questions like “Have you visited the Grand Canyon”? Team members are able to connect with others who have similar experiences.
  • We divided our group into teams.  Teams begin to fill in the bingo boxes with the facts they discover about the other members of our corporate team.
  • The team with the most bingos on their board wins!

Check out all the games we offer here!


group of people forming a circle in a parking lot filling out bingo cards
group of people standing in parking lot filling out bingo cards
two hands holding a bingo card that he's filling out


When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!

However, today we are not talking about this kind of pie. We are, however, talking about the many varieties of dessert pies!

A wise American Author named David Mamet once said, “We must have pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.” We couldn’t agree more David! Pies can turn company outings into cooking challenges, with many individuals who are proud of their pie-making abilities and are ready to prove it! Heck, pies alone could be corporate entertainment! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it’s time to sit back and let’s talk about the humble beginnings of pies, and no we aren’t making a “humble pie” joke.

Ancient Greeks are believed to be the originators of pie, thanks, Greece! This belief stems from Aristophanes, a comic playwright of ancient Athens. In his plays (5th Century BC) there are mentions of sweetmeats including small pastries filled with fruit. Romans weren’t far behind, the 1st-century Roman cookbook “Apicius” makes various mentions of recipes which involved a pie case.

By 160 BC, Roman statesman Marcus Porcius Cato wrote a book where he recorded the most popular pie/cake called “placenta.” Also called “libum” by Romans, it was similar to a 21st-century cheesecake on a pastry base, often used as an offering to the gods.  It must have been pretty delicious!

Now pies are offered at corporate outings, team building events, leadership activities and beyond with critical acclaim!

Did you know there is a “get to know your clients day”? 

They say that your happy clients are likely to recommend you to their friends, colleagues and strangers.  As well as increase their business with you over time. The third Thursday of every quarter has now been designated as #GetToKnowYourCustomers day for this very reason.

One of our priorities here at Best Corporate Events is getting to know our clients. Much of our team building business comes from happy, repeat customers because we take the time to get to know them.

Here are a couple of ways we #GetToKnowOurCustomers.

Beginning with the first contact with a client, we take the opportunity to get to know them and their company. We utilize tools in Salesforce, Linkedin and Google to find out more about the company and its culture.  Then our national account managers walk through the details of the client’s upcoming event; whether it’s team building, charitable, professional development or culinary. The objective is to learn what ideas they have and the goals they wish to achieve during their activity. Asking the right questions provides insight into what they are trying to accomplish at their event so that we can offer and deliver a program that is a perfect match for their team.

Our interest in our clients does not end with a sale.  It’s important for us to get feedback about their experience at the event.

This is why we send clients a survey and even ask what type of event they would like to do the next time!  Our website is loaded with amazing comments and reviews we’ve received from clients by simply asking how they liked their program.

Clients commented today that they really appreciated our “can-do attitude.”  We pride ourselves on being accommodating.  We go above and beyond to work with a clients time and space parameters, to eliminate language barriers, and to make the event accessible and enjoyable for all of their participants.

Knowing our clients is the key component to keeping them happy repeat customers that recommend us!

How do you #GetToKnowYourCustomers?

Ah, I can feel my sinuses becoming clear just thinking about it. Spicy foods, you are my Claritin!

bowls of many spices, chili, parprika

My personal favorite spicy food is a slightly run-of-the-mill choice but, but I have to go with spicy wings! There is no denying wings are a go-to snack for corporate outings, company team building events or even just cooking them up yourself.

Did you know, according to archaeologists people have been using hot and spicy seasonings in their cooking for more than 6,000 years?
6,000 years is long before the spicy wings were invented and popularized. According to the National Chicken Council, Buffalo wings were arguably created in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York. The idea was conceived out of a mere desire to make a late-night snack with some leftover wings. But this blog is not only about spicy wings, but about celebrating all hot and spicy food and all the creative things you can cook with these spices!

One of my favorite facts is that there are 140 varieties of chili peppers grown in Mexico alone according to the website “Fill Your Plate“. This means for four months, two weeks, four days, 46 minutes and 39 seconds; you could try cooking a new creative pepper dish every day!

With all those peppers you could grab your friends and have nearly unlimited cooking challenges with new peppers every week!

Your company could also try our Chili Cook-Off, which combines fun corporate icebreakers with a spicy cooking competition, designed to increase camaraderie within a group. Culinary skills will come in handy as each team develops their own chili recipe to create an extraordinary southwestern delicacy.

Now THAT is team building.


Our Most Popular Programs are CSR

A company’s sense of responsibility towards the community has become increasingly more important year after year.  Due to, consumers are looking for more than just high-quality products and services.  When making a purchase, consumers are holding companies accountable for how they socially contribute with CSR.

Over the years, BEST has developed a great lineup of charitable give-back programs.  We have built long-lasting relations with the top philanthropic organizations. Our CSR programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.  They feature group bonding activities designed to boost team spirit and unity while helping less fortunate members of your community. These uplifting events include activities, games, and challenges resulting in the creation of items for donation.  The items are then donated to local and national charities.  For that reason, these charities are helping overseas soldiers, schools, the homeless, children, the elderly, and Alzheimer’s patients – to name a few.

Here are a few of the benefits of CSR:

  • Increase public image
  • Boost employee engagement
  • Positive workplace environment
  • Increase creativity
  • Encourage professional and personal growth

In a 2017 study by Cone Communications found that the majority of consumers surveyed 87% said they would purchase a product because a company supported a cause they care about. More importantly, a whopping 76% will refuse to buy from a company if they learn it supports a cause contrary to their own beliefs.

“A company’s CSR strategy is a big factor in where today’s top talent chooses to work. Often this is referred to as the triple bottom line: people, planet, and revenue. Companies are encouraged to put that increased profit into programs that give back.”, Susan Cooney, global diversity manager at Symantec.

Above all, participating in CSR team building programs are both fun and fulfilling.

Finally, view A Complete List of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs Here

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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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