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Month: October 2017

This week we highlight one of our charitable programs, Mini-Golf Food Donation

Mini-Golf Build and Food Donation,  a fun charitable team building program.  During this CRS program, your group will design, construct, and play a unique and one-of-a-kind mini-golf course. Your team will simulate those tricky bank shots, jumps, curves, traps, and holes all using canned and boxed food items.

Players will create their own zany golfer nickname and construct their hole with its own theme and rules.  In the end, after the course is built, an entertaining tournament ensues with scoring and fun competition. Both newcomers and experienced golfers will enjoy this event.  After the competition, the course is deconstructed and the food is donated to a local food bank. Your team will feel a sense of joy while helping the less fortunate members of your community.

Has the digital age replaced a good old handshake?

In business, it is the norm to shake hands with someone you meet to make that initial connection and start a relationship.  Whether it’s a good hearty handshake or a weaker one, you can judge a person by their handshake.  This may or may not be a good idea.

In the current day in age, LinkedIn is the new handshake, a very non-personal form of a handshake.  There is still that fear of rejection, although perhaps not as immediately painful as reaching out a hand to someone who keeps their hand stiffly at their side.  Still, LinkedIn is the newest way to connect, where you can virtually meet and “shake hands” with someone on the other side of the world.

Best Corporate Events and SmartHunts on Linkedin

LinkedIn proves to be a very precious tool in finding new Best Corporate Events and SmartHunts clients. At both companies, we use it on a daily basis to research companies, people, and business trends.  After attending conferences, like IMEX America last week in Las Vegas, we used LinkedIn to follow up with new relationships we made at the event.  

It is helpful to make connections with others who hold the same interests and are in similar industries such as CSR and Team Building.  You can then further your connections by seeing who these people are linked to and make additional valuable connections. On a personal level, when you change jobs, professions or locations, LinkedIn is the easiest way to notify all of your contacts at once.
The Premium LinkedIn version offers different features vs. the free LinkedIn version.  One of these benefits is you can see who is looking at your profile.  Often, this can be helpful to extend an invitation directly to that person to connect with you right away.

The Premium version also allows you to connect with more people and has no use limitations that the free version does. This is a great feature for our business profiles on LinkedIn.

Check out the latest on LinkedIn

We came across this interesting article about new features LinkedIn plans to launch and thought we would share.  Not only will you be able to link with people, but then also have a conversation a lot easier.  LinkedIn boosts it’s messaging and more. Read Article Here

LinkedIn, The New Handshake by Linda Davis, DMC Relationship Manager

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We explain the difference between a team

When it comes to winning teams, what do you think is more important, good teamwork or good team relationships? I know what you’re thinking: “They go hand in hand of course?!” Not necessarily, I’ll explain a bit further!

In all facets of sports and business, there is bound to be one teammate who doesn’t like another. Yet, they CAN still be successful, but why and how is this good?

When you focus solely on good teamwork, you can be a winning team. The job can get done and success can be achieved, as long as professionalism and courtesy exist. If your goal is for the team to work together for a long time, then good relationships amongst your team are essential.  If personal feelings are preventing the job from getting done, then eventually appropriate intervening may be necessary.

Let’s flip this around

Let’s say your team prioritizes personal relationships. Now, this is an emotional currency that can be easily written off. Seeing how it is intangible, yet it is very powerful. According to a Gallup Poll, 15% of people are engaged at their jobs worldwide.  America bumping those numbers to 30%. That’s still a whopping 70% of disengaged full-time employees.  I’m not saying good relationships among employees will fix this 70% issue.  However, when there are friendship and real camaraderie with others in the workplace, it can make all the difference.

American Time Use Survey says that employed persons between ages of 25 and 54 spend an average of 8.7 hours working or in work-related activities.  And people spend 7.7 hours sleeping per day. Having friends at places where you spend most or at least half of your time makes a difference. With that being said, you can have great relationships, but lack adequacy as a team. Relationships don’t always equal practicality and efficiency.

So what does all this mean?

The goal here is to provide a simple yet (hopefully) effective understanding between good teamwork and good team relationships

Understanding the value they both hold separately, then striving to find that sweet spot in the middle, using contextual discernment when necessary.  Not all team-oriented situations are the same, so trying to level your perspective based on the context is valuable.

These are two seemingly blended concepts that when separated make for a great opportunity to learn and improve teams, success, the workplace and ourselves!

Build-a-Wheelchair Saves the Day

“The Council is a Special Needs Shelter that was open for 11 days during Hurricane Irma taking care of 399 Special Needs residents. We were so thankful we had not yet distributed all of the wheelchairs we received through Best Corporate Events and their Build-a-Wheelchair® Program.

The wheelchairs were used continuously throughout the 11 days the shelter was in operation. No one would have anticipated that those wheelchairs would help so many people!! Please express our sincere thanks to your client partner and Best Corporate Events for being an important part of caring for these vulnerable people in a time of disaster.”

All my best,
Osceola Council of Aging

Best Corporate Events is very grateful to partner with some of the top philanthropic organizations in the country.  We appreciate receiving these types of emails and such kind words of thanks!  Its give back programs like Build a Wheelchair®, Bike Build Donation® and more that make team building so fun and fulfilling!

If your company is looking for ways to boost team spirit and bond, while helping less fortunate members of your community, Best Corporate Events is here to help.

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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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