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Fore! Build a mini golf course and help a local food bank

This week we highlight one of our charitable programs, Mini-Golf Food Donation Mini-Golf Build and Food Donation,  a fun charitable team building program.  During this CRS program, your group will design, construct, and play a unique and one-of-a-kind mini-golf course. Your team will simulate those tricky bank shots, jumps, curves, traps, and holes all using canned … Continued

  • By Gina Shanks
  • In News
  • Posted October 26, 2017

LinkedIn, The New Handshake

Has the digital age replaced a good old handshake? In business, it is the norm to shake hands with someone you meet to make that initial connection and start a relationship.  Whether it’s a good hearty handshake or a weaker one, you can judge a person by their handshake.  This may or may not be a … Continued

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Teamwork or Team Relationships?

We explain the difference between a team When it comes to winning teams, what do you think is more important, good teamwork or good team relationships? I know what you’re thinking: “They go hand in hand of course?!” Not necessarily, I’ll explain a bit further! In all facets of sports and business, there is bound to … Continued

Build a Wheelchair Dallas Stadium

A Wheelchair Donation Just In Time!

Build-a-Wheelchair Saves the Day “The Council is a Special Needs Shelter that was open for 11 days during Hurricane Irma taking care of 399 Special Needs residents. We were so thankful we had not yet distributed all of the wheelchairs we received through Best Corporate Events and their Build-a-Wheelchair® Program. The wheelchairs were used continuously throughout the 11 days … Continued