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Two construction workers
  • By Jonathan Ruales
  • In DIY
  • Posted March 14, 2016

Staff Bonding Activity: Throw Your Way to Team Improvement

Teams can often forget their abilities to improve; even when they think they’re on top of their game. This quick staff bonding activity will put your team on the track to success! THROW Time: 15-20 minutes Purpose: • For the group to be looking to itself (rather than the boss) for ways to improve. • … Continued

Scrabble pieces spelling out Passion and Drive
  • By Jonathan Ruales
  • In DIY
  • Posted March 1, 2016

Guess and Switch, an Easy Activity for High Performance Teams

The ability to adapt in a changing environment is a crucial trait for high performance teams and employees. This activity below is a guessing game in which participants will switch teams frequently. Guess and Switch Time: 10-20 minutes Purpose: Participants get comfortable with constantly changing teams and allegiances; also they will see how ineffective yes/no … Continued