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photo of barbed wire fence with sign that says: Danger Mines
  • By Jonathan Ruales
  • In DIY
  • Posted December 14, 2015

Communication Game: Minefield!

Minefield team building is a game designed to improve communication game. Your group of people will be divided into pairs and follow the instructions below. Each pair will be prompted to trust each other to listen carefully; this is key to succeeding! Open communication provides everyone equal participation in the achievements of the business. Constructing … Continued

Photo of dipped chocolate strawberries decorated to look like tuxedos
  • By Jonathan Ruales
  • In DIY
  • Posted December 4, 2015

Quick Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Tis’ the season to start brainstorming corporate holiday party ideas. These parties are more often mocked than appreciated, feared more than longed-for, but they are a steadfast ritual during the holiday season. These gatherings can be fun and festive if everyone is conscious in behaving well; letting too many people get wild could end in … Continued

Cartoon of chattering teeth wind up toy
  • By Jonathan Ruales
  • In DIY
  • Posted December 1, 2015

Simple, Dynamic Communication Skills Activities

Good communication is key at any company and an integral part of office dynamics. Not only does it create more efficiency and less frustration team members, but it is also helpful to your employees in forming stronger relationships. These three elements are ideal for both the companies revenue and office morale. Fortunately, effective office communication … Continued