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Cartoon of two men in suits and holding briefcases arguing, while a referee stands between them blowing his whistle
  • By Jonathan Ruales
  • In DIY
  • Posted November 16, 2015

Conflict Resolution Activity: Avoid the Blame Game

A quick conflict resolution activity We are often quick to point the finger when there are group problems. You can’t build effective teams while being surrounded by people who blame others for their failures, whether at work or at home, can leave you prone to do the same. Interestingly, odds are the reason those people … Continued

Notebook paper with the words Piece of Paper written on it
  • By Jonathan Ruales
  • In DIY
  • Posted November 3, 2015

Group Activities to Spark Creativity

Spark your team’s creativity and resourcefulness with this fun icebreaker! Many think that creativity is an inborn trait rather than something that can be learned and developed. This may be so, but without a conducive environment for creativity to be expressed, how can we expect to see ideas arising from employees? The performance of today’s … Continued