Cartoon drawing of man speaking to another man
  • By Jonathan Ruales
  • In DIY
  • Posted October 19, 2015

Team Communication Exercise: Constructive Feedback

The purpose of this team communication exercise for participants to learn how easily “but. . .” can interfere with constructive feedback by creating defensiveness, even when they mean well. They will also learn to replace “but. . .” with “and. . .” Use this when: Feedback is not being received very well. Individuals feel like others … Continued

Colorful drawing of a human

Three Characteristics of a Successful Team

Cultivating characteristics of a successful team, in an office atmosphere that encourages productive, satisfactory work can be challenging for any entrepreneur. Everyone has different working preferences and different strengths and weaknesses, so it’s hard to find a suitable one-size-fits-all approach that works for everybody. It takes great leadership to build great teams. You need leaders … Continued

Image of a toy dinosaur looking at itself in a mirror
  • By Jonathan Ruales
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  • Posted October 5, 2015

Hone your Team’s Communication and Active Listening Skills

Communication and active listening will never go out of style! Here’s an excellent team icebreaker that will boost essential traits that successful companies and teams reflect! Me, Myself and I Purpose: Participants see how often their communication is centered on themselves. Use this when: Individuals need to improve their communication skills to focus less on … Continued