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Best Corporate Events team at their table at BizBash Ideafest
  • By Whitney
  • In Stories
  • Posted April 30, 2013

Best Corporate Events Sponsors Giveaway at BizBash IdeaFest

Earlier this month, event leaders BizBash held IdeaFest South Florida in Fort Lauderdale, and Best Corporate Events was not only on hand with a snazzy booth full of our friendly staff, but we also sponsored a great giveaway with impressive prizes from dining certificates to gift cards to an iPad Mini! Attendees of the conference could … Continued

Teammates building a chocolate stadium

Chocolate Factory: Video of the Week 2

Anyone who loves chocolate has probably had a lot of it over the course of his or her lifetime. But this program, Chocolate Factory, includes some aspects that even a chocolate devotee probably has never had occasion to try. Participants taste rare and unique flavors of chocolate, for example, and learn obscure trivia about the … Continued

Man laying in the grass

How To Choose a Team Building Company

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.” -H.E. Luccock When it comes to the important task of selecting the right team building company for your corporate event, it’s worth considering the history of the company, its track record, and its staff.  In our case, Best Corporate Events was created … Continued

Teammates presenting their completed chili creation

Chili Cook-Off: Video of the Week 3

Chili Cook-Off, one of Best Corporate Events’ top culinary programs, has a little something for everyone’s skill set. Those who are experts with a chopping knife get to dice vegetables. Marketing types have the chance to write a commercial or chant promoting their team’s chili. Natural performers can take center stage when presenting that piece to … Continued

Black and white photo of a cat on its back with its paw in the air

On Being Worthy of Attention

“If time spent with you or your message adds value every time, then you’ll have a competitive advantage over those that don’t.” –Tim Sanders This enjoyable ONE+ article by Tim Sanders talks about how in this digital age of constant distractions (and therefore limitless possible demands on our time) it’s important to make sure to … Continued

iPad photo being take of team with their completed mini-golf build

Charity Miniature Golf Course Build™ with iPads: Video of the Week

Not only does the Charity Miniature Golf Course Build™ program offer the best of all team building worlds (like corporate social responsibility, creative collaboration, and competitive sport) but it now can also include Apple® iPads®!  As you can see in this fun video, adding technology adds the ability for participants to take photos and video, … Continued

Big team cheering with their completed bike build donations

First Time Without Training Wheels: A Bike Build Story

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together.” -Vesta Kelly
 One of our Managing Partners, Ray, offers this heartwarming story.  Recently, he delivered Bike Build charitable programs for two large corporate groups back-to-back in New Orleans and then in Philadelphia.  (Needless to say, … Continued

Participants during an outdoor catapult

Video of the Week: Catapult

Our Catapult program contains a lot of impressive moments, including the launch-for-distance portion, where teams are using their custom-created catapults to send their projectile as far as possible, and the distance-and-accuracy portion, where team members are dashing around the playing area in an attempt to catch their team’s objects.  A slightly less flashy, but equally … Continued

Big group for Professional Development

Add Corporate Training to Push Your Team to the Next Level

“No member of a crew is praised for the rugged individuality of his rowing.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Though we here at Best Corporate Events offer a huge selection of team building programs, that’s certainly not all we offer clients. It’s true that our programs run the gamut from game shows to culinary competitions to charitable … Continued