Tapas and Sangria Making

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In this Spanish culinary challenge, your group will be making Tapas and Sangria! Now enjoyed everywhere, Tapas originated as appetizers or snacks in Spanish cuisine. Flavorful Sangria is a beverage from Spain and Portugal, which normally consists of wine, chopped fruit, sweetener, and a small amount of brandy.

These tasty team bonding exercises now feature Apple iPads® delivering text, audio and video clues, Tapas and Sangria Trivia, exciting gaming challenges, and the ability to capture and save all your memories of this truly delicious event with photos and video of your teams in action.

Your group will be formed into “wineries.” Each team will choose a name for their winery, develop their own brand of Sangria using ingredients from our marketplace and design a logo used to market their unique concoction. The ingredients in Sangria vary, particularly in the type of fruit used, the kind of spirits added, and the presence or lack of carbonation.

Teams also create Tapas based upon a delicious cold menu provided so no stove required! Ingredients and a dish description will be provided but not a specific recipe, and that’s where the team building comes in.

Lastly, we stage a Tapas and Sangria tasting contest and award culinary gold medals for Best Tasting Tapas, Best Tasting Sangria, and Best Marketing Campaign.

Our Tapas and Sangria program encourages creativity, experimentation, division of duties, and team support to come up with the best overall product and marketing plan.

To ensure a great experience, aspects of this program may be modified for your group size, group makeup, time available, and other variables.

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  • "Thank you so much for a fantastic Tapas and Sangria program. My client, McKesson, said it was the best ever!! Really great you took some video and photos; that was an added bonus! I'm sure we will work together again in the future, but until then. Thanks so much and have a nice Memorial Day Weekend!"

    Kimberly - About Face Productions
  • "What a fun team builder the Tapas and Sangria event was! Our team was so creative. We picked the perfect teammates for the artistic elements and the commercial. Unfortunately our Sangria didn’t win any prizes. So we drank the Sangria from another team! Thank you for a great time."

    Sonya - Verizon
  • Group Size:
    30 to 600+
  • Team Size:
  • Program Length:
    2 to 2.5 hours
  • Space Requirement:
    Varies according to your group size. One round table per team plus tables for the marketplace. Can be done indoors or outdoors.
Team Building Elements
  • Trust and Relationships
  • Competition
  • Planning And Accountability
  • Communication Skills
  • Physicality
  • Collaborative Idea Sharing
  • Creative Problem Solving Skills
  • Goal Setting
Goals, Outcomes and Debrief Topics
  • Broaden Your Support Team - Get to know each other better by immersing in a historic and tasty journey which will promote camaraderie and bonding between team members.
  • Competition - Competition will drive teams to create the most tantalizing results.
  • Morale Boosting - During the flavorful learning and creating process, your group will experience the wonderful mood enhancement that this delicious event has on teams.

Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants (minimum of 30) and includes the team building program, prep, production coordination, program design, and all materials and utensils, professional lead facilitators and staffing. Client covers the cost of the Tapas, wine, and Sangria ingredients provided by the venue.

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