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  • Posted October 5, 2015

Hone your Team’s Communication and Active Listening Skills

Communication and active listening will never go out of style! Here’s an excellent team icebreaker that will boost essential traits that successful companies and teams reflect! Me, Myself and I Purpose: Participants see how often their communication is centered on themselves. Use this when: Individuals need to improve their communication skills to focus less on … Continued

  • By Jonathan Ruales
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  • Posted September 21, 2015

Energize Your Team with This Quick Icebreaker!

Yes, you heard me correctly. Now, playing a game in the middle of the day may sound unimportant or even counterproductive to a workday. This however couldn’t be further from the truth! We are talking about something more important than just playing games. The American Workplace survey showed, 70% of U.S. employees aren’t engaged at work, … Continued

  • By Jonathan Ruales
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  • Posted September 9, 2015

Quick Team Activity for a Change

This quick team activity shows individuals how to cope with rapid-paced changes in the workplace. Me and U Time: 10-20 minutes Purpose: Learn how to accept and adapt to change in the workplace and accepting the minor mistake we’ll make Participants: 5-15 people Materials: None Arrange the group into a “U” formation. Have them count off … Continued

Survey Says

Jump into an entertaining battle of wits that will motivate its participants and engage the audience! Lights, camera, action! Welcome to Survey Says, a fast paced energetic game show program with a live TV atmosphere. Applying fun competition to drive team success, Survey Says takes its participants and audience through our very own innovative corporate … Continued

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Project Alzheimer’s™: Video of the Week

Alzheimer’s affects 5.6 million people and can be an unavoidable tribulation to many families. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a way to reconnect these people with their original selves? Garnering inspiration from the movie “Alive Inside” and understanding music’s touch as a universal language, Project Alzheimer’s was born! This program captivates its participants through … Continued

Igniting Team Performance

It’s fast, it’s exciting, it’s competitive…it’s Igniting Team Performance! If you are looking for opportunities to define and develop high-performing teams in your organization this signature program delivers!  We tailor the activities to match your goals and desired outcomes.  We include activities that improve brainstorming, innovation and cross sharing, which are solidified with short debriefs … Continued

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Competition to Collaboration

Best Corporate Events extraordinary program Competition to Collaboration™ offers your team the opportunity to explore several amazing aspects of corporate improvement: not only will everyone have a blast working together to excel at challenging tasks, but they will also discover the power of sharing their knowledge with each other. So even as they’re jumping for … Continued